To think this whole time I’ve been blind
The sun still shines here
To think this whole time I’ve been blind
The wind still blows here

I loved this show, this venue and I will always love Billy and Alec and the rest of the Dudes. Can’t wait for the new split.

Video by http://upnatthem.tumblr.com/

  • Dear Mom
  • Front Page

Front Page | Dear Mom (acoustic, from Ottowa)

You were right, Kelly dumped me.
She still loves me, but doesn’t want
To be in a relationship with me.
I wish I could’ve been more normal,
But I guess you can’t make anyone else happy
Until you can do it for yourself,
For yourself.
I’m going to apply for jobs all day with Mike,
Then I’m gonna pick her up from school.
Maybe we can just be friends.
Maybe we can just be friends.
It might be hard, but maybe not.
I love you, I’m sorry I havent been around much.
Thanks for putting up with me.
But one of these times you’re gonna be wrong,
And the girl will actually mean those crazy
Things she says to me.
The things she says to me,
She’ll mean all of the things she says to me
She says to me, I’ll see you later.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It
  • It's The End Of The World As We Know It
  • The 12th Of Never

Way back in the late 90s before I had ever touched Photoshop, I “designed” the J-Card insert for my friend’s band The 12th Of Never using my Dad’s home office printer and copier. Obviously it’s no great piece of design work, but I recently found my copy, and digitized the songs for my friend.

Here’s their faster, punkier cover of REM’s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.


Over the summer I had the pleasure of shooting the Crucial Dudes record release for 61 Penn. It is still my AOTY. The Dudes are amazing people and musicians. This song will eventually come out on a split they’re working on and I can’t wait for it.

This is also the first series of videos that I put out under the whole Up and At Them! moniker. I’m shopping my thesis around at the moment, and that will also be a UAAT! piece. Can’t wait until people stop twittering long enough to respond to emails…