In just 4 days...So much to say

18 hour drive there, 20 hour drive back. Every single moment worth it.

Seven DREAMERS. Two New-Yorkers and five from New Jersey embarked on the journey/drive to the United We Dream 2011 Congress. 200+ DREAMErs and allies gathered in Memphis, Tennessee, referred to the “epicenter” of the Civil Rights Movement and where MLK was assasinated. I left with the mindset that I will come back revitalized and inspired, however I never expected to be touched the way I am right now.

In just four days my mindset has been completely changed. I have so much to say but I cannot find the words.

What a freakin amazing experience and I truly wish that I could put this sentiment into words. This was truly unexplainable. Since day one I had tears of joy as I heard the stories of many courageous DREAMErs and as I witnessed for the first time DREAMERs coming “out of the closet” telling the world that they are NO LONGER ASHAMED of who they ARE and who they LOVE. That they are UNDOCUMENTED & UNAFRAID.

This is the time where we reclaim our voice. This is the time when we stop allowing others to make decisions for us and where we begin speaking for ourselves. This is where we STOP letting others have the driver’s seat, and where we START driving our own “car”. We are tired of being oppressed, tired of feeling helpless, lonely, discouraged, dissilusioned, and filled with an overbearing feeling of giving up. There are so many people out there who have done so many beautiful things without a social, what makes anyone think that we cannot create change?

I feel like a fire has been lit in the depths of my soul and I am trying my hardest to keep it alive. I am scared to death that tomorrow I will wake up, lose this momentum, and continue feeling helpless, lonely, dissilusioned, and with an overbearing feeling of wanting to give up. This is why I have decided to write this down. I want to be able to wake up tomorow, read this over, and continue feeling this ardent urge to continue fighting for our future.

I am ready to commit to this. I am ready to be part of this movement. This is big, & we will accomplish our goal. We will shut those people up. We will prove them wrong. We will be successful. Let’s make this happen.

“We are all Dreamers. We are all United. And United We Dream”