i placed the same and jumped the same as i did a year ago. lost again to tcnj, and i made friends with my fellow competitors and vowed to take the crown come outdoor season. next weekend is ecac’s, which could give me a shot at going to nationals with a big jump, and then after that i can work towards getting faster and stronger for wake forest. the season just flew by… its hard to believe the semester’s already half over.

#FlashBackFriday to Friday night lights where we got ROBBED, after stomping Pequannock 40-0 Week1, we expected the same result come Week 2 against North Warren, we thought the new conference was gonna be a cake walk but that was just a thought. We were the underdogs. This was suppose to be OUR season.🏈 We had all the tools to win. My brothers on the field had it like that⚡️. You can see my reaction when they stole the game from us. We fought hard but it wasn’t enough. If this game, taught me anything over the years, always be prepared. Expect the unexpected.
#Rangers#GloryDayz#NJAC#HighSchool#22 (at North Warren Regional High School)