i placed the same and jumped the same as i did a year ago. lost again to tcnj, and i made friends with my fellow competitors and vowed to take the crown come outdoor season. next weekend is ecac’s, which could give me a shot at going to nationals with a big jump, and then after that i can work towards getting faster and stronger for wake forest. the season just flew by… its hard to believe the semester’s already half over.

NJACs Day 1 - New 10k PR and 1st Place!

Day 1 of the conference meet today!

Ran the 10k, new PR of 38:26!! :) Got first place, and ended up lapping the second place girl which I felt kinda bad doing because I like her (she’s so nice!!!), but I had only 200m to go at that point so I was cruising as it was. Felt really good and relaxed running! Definitely could’ve gone faster but I know I’m racing tomorrow so I didn’t want to kill myself. Gotta love that 10k :)

Racing the 5k tomorrow! Pumped for that :)

Congrats to all my followers that are in the NJAC, I watched you guys today kill it as well :) See you tomorrow!!