Ryze ACTUAL Champion Spotlight


Hey folks–Paul here, filling in for Meg on TUTOR TUESDAY! A couple things not mentioned in the images above:

  • If you want to fact-check the hair claim (and enjoy some cat pictures), see my personal blog @whatsapatfour

  • I have a newfound respect for how much work these “TUTOR TUESDAY” posts take. (Meg makes it look easy!)

Thanks again Meg for the ones you’ve done so far, and we’re all looking forward to your return. Have a good one, everybody!

Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY!

I’m excited about this one–it’s a title reveal I teased back on July 4th, and now it’s ready to show. Here are the stages that went into it:

This was mostly done in Adobe AfterEffects. Main tools included:

  • Masking: useful for the main title’s “sliding visibility” reveal
  • Layer Styles: useful for color overlays and glow effects
  • Particle Effects: adds a little pizazz to the ending flash

And again, big thanks to Caty Carlson (@catycarlson23) for the hand-drawn lightning effects! I absolutely love how they turned out.

If anyone has questions about the process, feel free to message me. Thanks for watching!

anonymous asked:

Lo'lo, Kouen, Muu dealing with their s/o while she's menstruating?


  • The first imperial prince always praised book’s wisdom, mainly because it never fails him. Whenever there was something that troubled him he would just search the solution in the library. Oh how surprised he was when he found none. However, his pride won’t let him ask for advice, so thought whole week he’ll be lost like a little puppy, not sure what he suppose to do or not or how to react on your mood swing. He would even try to help his S/O by using Phenex. Of course he know about the whole process and knew there’s no reason to panic after seing some blood.


  • Just as much as he loves you he prefer not to cross you patch during this times of month. He may be powerful Fanalis, but compared to your moody self he is quite helpless. Lo'lo will just avoid you or cut any interactions with you to the needed minimum.


  • Having younger sister has it pros, for example dealing with female’s moods. He know exactly how to treat woman (or true beast). He can deduct if you need more food, hot compres, fluffy blanket or long cuddle session. Reim general don’t start panic whenever you start crying, screaming or punching him uncontrollable.