Imagine hiking in a park in eastern Washington and you hear the sound of what seems to be a waterfall. You come closer to investigate, only to realize that it’s a man pissing on a tree. He’s not using his hands to aim, and is pissing harder and darker than any other human you have ever seen. He is wearing an italian tuxedo more expensive than your car.

The strange man turns around, noticing you. you realize he has a mug of impossibly fresh black coffee and a massive corn dog in each of his hands. “Oh, hi there. I didn’t notice you.” he says over the deafening roar of his continuous stream. You recognize the face and voice:
This man is none other than surrealist film director David Lynch.

He dips the corn dog in the coffee, lets it soak, and takes a huge bite.
Lynch’s piss flies everywhere in the process.

shewhorantstoomuch  asked:

all of overwatch is basically just everyone struggling to remember the english terms for things

WIDOW: where is the … COMMENT DITES-VOUS … la louche??
TRACER: the fuck is a ‘loosh’
MERCY: she means … you know, uh, die pfanne ..
REINHARDT: it has to be here somewhere in one of the drawers
TRACER: i know where everything is just tell me in english
MCCREE: el cucharon
TRACER: english
TORBJORN: skanken
LUCIO: a concha
TRACER: english, PLEASE, loves
MEI: 钢包
D.VA: 국자
ANA: المغرفة

Eu fixo meus olhos lá no Céu. Não sou daqui. Minha alma anela por voltar para casa. Para junto do meu Pai. Tudo que vivo aqui, é somente por enquanto. Nada me faz criar raiz. Haverá um dia, aquele tão esperado dia, que toda lágrima será apenas de alegria. Onde a dor, não mais terá poder sobre mim. Serei livre, enfim. Voarei alto. É tudo promessa dEle. Vou vê-lO sorrindo, a minha espera.
—  Bruna Miguel.