ppl really underestimate how powerful dysphoria can be lmao like just speaking from a day to day perspective it permeates e v e r y t h i n g. i’m working cash at work and i see someone w veiny hands and facial scruff and a flat chest and my entire body tightens and all i can think is how badly i want that and one day that will be me and the poor person is just like ‘can i have my milk pls’ like they just wanted their milk and eggs and i just wanted money to survive capitalism but instead my dysphoric ass is losing its shit and we’re both stuck in this situation neither of us signed up for lmao. it’s just everywhere and it lives in anything and whenever a customer even so much as says ‘ma'am’ or ‘miss’ these days i’m wincing it’s just. not good. it’s a lot to deal with and a constant reminder and i can’t shut it off. dysphoria is fucked up.

donald trump / vladimir putin fanfiction [hurt, comfort, fluff, canon-verse, 150k words]

Summary:  “hey donald….. did…… did u rlly mean it when u said we werent best friends during the debate ? when u said u didnt know me?

*brings my foot to my mouth to take a drag of a cigarette* i personally think that ‘the arctic monkeys’ are called that as a means of symbolizing the cold, hard pieces of shit life flings at you