Macht euer Glück nie von einer anderen Person abhängig. Denn wenn euch die Person verlässt, dann fühlt es sich so an, als würde euer ganzes Glück mit ihr gehen.
—  Ischtar Isik
Um dia a gente perde no outro a gente ganha. Ontem a noite tinha perdido o sono, hoje de manhã ganhei o dobro de sono, sim, a vida dá voltas.

Since entering college, I have been consistently categorized by race when it comes to academic performance, sex and dating. My friends joke that I must be smart because I’m Asian. I’ve been the “Asian” girlfriend. I’ve been the “token Asian” hook-up. Men have asked if my vagina is slanted. I’ve overheard guys being encouraged to try sleeping with me because “sex with an Asian girl changes your life.” And guys who genuinely like me are accused of having an “Asian” fetish.

It should be as simple as: “I think Asian girls are pretty. Some guys like blondes or redheads. What’s the difference?”

Logically, there shouldn’t be a difference, but there is. There’s nothing racist about being attracted to certain physical traits - but defining the motivation of attraction is very difficult. Drawing an analogy between the variable features of Caucasian women and an entire race oversimplifies the issue. The history behind the infatuation with Asian women started with the colonization of Asia, and the image of the exotic and submissive mistress is an old-world stereotype that still lives on today.

In western culture, Asian women are associated with sex to the point of absurdity. The only social identities formed are based on sex: the mysterious and gentle Geisha girl or the fierce, dragon-lady temptress…

…These sexualized images stress the Asian trophy, the object, the sex toy. Of course, women of every race are featured in pornography, but we rarely see Asian women outside of sexual roles in mass media. Unlike many of the other negative stereotypes associated with race, the one that follows Asian women is tricky because sex is the dominant association, and American pop-culture is all about sex, sex and more sex.

It perpetuates the image of Asian women in an exclusively sexual light…that image includes me.

—  Rose Hansen- Exploring the Sexualization of Asian Women