would you go with me
even if you knew that this world would swallow us whole 

would you die with me

BEBE: Oh, I’ve thought about this before!

CLYDE: You have?

BEBE: Um, duh?

CLYDE: You’re a girl, though.

BEBE: Girls can play superheros too, look at Callgirl?

BEBE: But omg, I’ve actually planned stuff out about it, but I’ve never gotten around to actually doing it.

BEBE: I’d be Fashionista, a gallant make up artist out to stop fashion disasters!

BEBE: I’d have a hot body suit and cute boots to go with it. And the two best looking purses anybody’s ever seen!

CLYDE: What would your kryptonite be?

BEBE: Ugly faces, of course!

CLYDE: What kind of powers would you have?

BEBE: Well I’d be a human, but I’d have sick moves to make up for it!

BEBE: I would be able to spin around really really fast, and knock people back with my bags as they helicoptered through the air!

BEBE: That’ll teach them to get into my personal space!

CLYDE: Yeah get away, uggos!

BEBE: I’d also have a handy supply of mirrors I’d throw at people, just to remind them to look in a mirror once in a while!

CLYDE: Why are you looking at me? 

CLYDE: Why did you look at me when you said that?

BEBE: No reason!


BEBE: And I’d be able to charm all the boys with my hot looks and sweet demure.

BEBE: They’d be tricked into doing my bidding, without a moment’s thought!

CLYDE: Wow, OP much?

BEBE: Says the one who can fly!

CLYDE: YOU!!! DON’T!!!! KNOW!!!!!! THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEBE: But yeah I think I’d make a great super hero!

BEBE: Or maybe a super villain. I mean, super villains always look the hottest.

CLYDE: Yeah I’ve noticed that.

CLYDE: That’s cool, though. I’d ask you to join us if playing with girls wasn’t lame.

BEBE: You’re lame!

CLYDE: You’re the lamest ever!

BEBE: Yeah, well Mosquito is even lamer than that!



CLYDE: Hey Bebe.

CLYDE: People think Mosquito is totally awesome and rad, see?

BEBE: I never said that he wasn’t, so I don’t know why you’re telling me this.

CLYDE: You IMPLIED that he was ugly and stinky!

BEBE: No, I SAID that you are ugly and stinky.

CLYDE: Hey! I am not!

CLYDE: And that has nothing to do with Mosquito, mind you!

BEBE: I dunno, you smell kind of bad right now.

CLYDE: I was thrown into a pond today, you can’t blame me!

BEBE: I can and I will.