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Split Rock Road

Story time kiddies.

I know I post a lot of other peoples’ stories about weird encounters and odd happenings (such is the nature of the blog) but this story is near and dear to me because this is my story.

About two years ago ( I was 19 at the time) I was seeing this guy. He had a love for long aimless drives through the woods, which are omnipresent in our area. So one night we’re driving through these windy back roads after it had just rained. He knows where we are, I do not. Eventually we came across this bridge, the one pictured above. Below is a man-made lake with an artificial waterfall. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see any of this at the time.

The road was pitted and we had to go slow to keep the car from bottoming out. As we passed by the guard house, I saw a tall man in a white guard uniform standing on the left side of the building (pictured in the second photo). He was standing right next to the boarded window closest to the road. I waved at him, hoping he wasn’t required to stand out in the drizzling rain.

As we left the bridge and continued down the road my companion started to tell me all these weird stories about Split Rock Road. Apparently it was not uncommon for children to dive too deep in the lake and get sucked into the artificial waterfall from the vent under the water. Some drowned trying to get unstuck from it but it was too powerful. People have died jumping from the bridge into the lake, both on purpose and by accident.

Strangest of all is the claim that an Albino Cult (which actually did reside in northern NJ until the 1980′s) used the bridge to trap cars by blocking each side of the bridge so they could butcher the passengers.

There are other stories that I have found since this drive, including that a girl in a white dress wanders the bridge and a legend that claims if you turn off your car in the middle of the bridge, you’ll die.

After he told me a few of these stories I said “Well, then it’s good that they have a guard stationed there to keep kids from doing something stupid.”

He was confused. “There’s no guard there. The guard house has been abandoned for years…”

I have never gone back.

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The babies cooed, both pressed nose to nose after having cried until being put together at Chelsea’s. She and Nevada sat in her living room on the couch, coffees long abandoned on the coffee table.

“I don’t know, I think maybe cause that whole Jameson thing was going on while she was pregnant and it only got worse…then there’s the Troy thing. I just don’t feel any connection to them. It wasn’t like when she was pregnant with Lily, that was a happy pregnancy. Esta fuera un bayou from the beginning,” Nevada said as he watched Chelsea rock NJ back and forth.

“Connection or not, they’re your babies and they love you. Ella barely ever met her father and she asks about him all the time. She loves when I tell her stories about him, it’s her favorite thing to do. She loves a man she never met because that’s what kids do, they blindly love their parents. Even if you never touch them, they’re gonna ask one day all about their daddy.”

“Okay, that’s all well and fine, but what good is it to be around them all the time if I don’t feel anything for them?” he asked.

“You’re telling me you feel nothing for these babies?” she asked softly as she kissed NJ’s cheek, nuzzling him with a smile.

“They’re my blood, of course I love them, but I don’t want them anywhere near me. I don’t feel like their father, such some cabrón who sired them. That’s gonna fuck them up, having a dad that doesn’t want them close,” he answered. “I wish it was different, pretty sure Y/N’s already got one foot out the door…not that I blame her,” he added.

“I don’t think she’s out the door,” she said gently.

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Frank’s Pizza & Restaurant - Belleville, NJ

Me and my father have been baking and creating our own wings and different hot sauces since probably 1996, so I love myself some buffalo chicken and would even call myself the connoisseur of sauce among most of my friends. 

I frequently pass by Frank’s during the winter because me and my buddy sneak into the country club behind the place and go sledding at a sweet spot. I used to get generic slices when I went there years ago but fairly recently I decided to invest in a freshly baked buffalo chicken slice.

First things first, I swear I have never had multiple orgasms before I had this slice. Secondly, I had multiple orgasms when I ate this slice. One of the best buffalo chicken slices I ever had and the ranch on it just made it that much better. They dropped a criss-cross pattern on the pie and then served us right from it. The sauce was plentiful but not too hot, chicken was of great quality, and the slice itself was great. If you are an avid lover of the buffalo chicken slice, you must step to this place. Guaranteed great.

- Casey

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Music Genres for MBTI Temperaments

SJ- Classical
SP- Rock
NJ- Instrumental
NP- Indie Rock

TJ- Classical
TP- Rock
FJ- Instrumental
FP- Indie Rock

SF- Pop
ST- Country
NF- Whatever David Bowie is
NT- Dubstep

ES- Pop
IS- Country
IN- Whatever David Bowie is
EN- Dubstep

EF- Pop
ET- Rock
IF- Whatever David Bowie is
IT- Indie Rock