nj guys

Oh Namjoon you amazing treasure 😭 I love you! And thank you Brazilian Armys for letting him know he is loved!


NJ: In Reflection, at the last part when I say I wish I could love myself, you guys shout… what did you guys shout?
NJ: What did you guys shout?
NJ: Not Kim Namjoon, it’s we love you… I love you too! Thank you!

My favorite thing about language is when the name of a place acquires a regional pronunciation. For whatever reason, a name gets pronounced a certain way in a certain region and only people from around that region say the name right and then an out-of-towner says it wrong and the natives give each other a knowing look.

Bts out eating
  • NJ: aight who's gonna pay
  • S: you should pay
  • TH: leader should pay
  • HS: Chingu u gotta, it's yo destiny
  • J: you OFC
  • JM: manager hyung?
  • NJ: what on earth guys, why
  • Jk: I got this hyungs
  • Bts:
  • Jk: [ clears throat ]
  • Jk: you definitely should pay because
  • Jk: short for definitely is def
  • NJ: I-
  • JK: def spelled backwards is fed
  • J: when did he get so good at Engrish
  • JK: and you def want us to be well fed amirite
  • Rest of bangtan: [ shook ]
  • Jk: peace, nochu out

Thrasher’s latest Burnout installment chronicles Chima Ferguson & the crew’s weekend in Chicago for the opening of our Uprise Skateshop partner shop & demo. Burnett is with us right up until Saturday’s Orchard shop demo in Boston and is even having a #VansPropeller photo show Thursday at NJ Skateshop in New Brunswick, NJ.
The guys killed today’s Westside Skates demo (look for a video edit later today.). If you’re in the Philly area come meet up with us Wednesday at Exit at 5pm. We can talk about what we talk about when we talk about love.

Get all the tour dates on vans.com/proskatetour