Children’s Librarian
Public Library
New Jersey, USA

My work bag is usually just my purse, that leather guy in the upper right hand corner. But on days I need some extra help, I usually grab whatever empty tote is on my bedroom floor. Here are some of them. I will also throw a couple of the smaller ones into my suitcase (lately, pizza and tumblr) when I go to conferences to prevent ARC hoarding.

I also used to use this backpack when I’d commute to my internship at a Brooklyn startup a few years ago.

Honestly if you’re my bae, I will have a blunt ready for you when you get out of work. I promise to also grab your perfect bubble butt in public, as well as leaving my bite mark on it+ one on each thigh close to your pussy so niggas know you mine. I promise to let you have OR share the last slice of pizza with me. Last but not least I promise to rip a hole in all of your yoga pants right where your clit is  so I can play with your pussy in public and have you try to contain yourself for your master.

The 31st Annual All-Women Lifeguard Tournament in Sandy Hook

SANDY HOOK - Beach Patrols from Maryland to New York had their lifeguards competing Wednesday at the National Park Service’s Gateway National Recreation Area Sand Hook during the 31st Annual All-Women Lifeguard Tournament. There were twenty seven different beach patrols fielding teams with 277 lifeguards…

via Monmouth County