nizar qabbani

“Even if you are not with me, the memories of you are with me. My heart sees you, even if you are made vanished from my vision. The eye sees who it loves but will end up losing the sight of them. But the one who sees with their heart, will never lose the sight (of the people they love).”

Mahmoud Mohamed Shaker, Abu Fahr, Egyptian writer, poet, journalist and scholar of the Arabic language.

أنت محظوظ جدا إن كنت تملك شخصا تحكي له تصرفاتك السيئة دون أن يفكر بأنك شخص سيء، لأنه يعرف جيدا أن الذي بداخلك أنقى و أجمل.

You are very lucky if you have someone to whom you can tell about your bad behaviors without them thinking that you are a bad person, but because they know that what is inside you is purer and more beautiful.

—  نزار قباني
Nizar Qabbani

Sierra DeMulder, Your Love Finds Its Way Back / “what does love mean? see how 4-8 year-old kids describe love” by Ladan Lashkari / Nizar Qabbani, A Green Lantern on Damascus’ Door / Mabel, episode 15: Killing the Moon / Richard Siken, Saying Your Names / E. Kristin Anderson, from “Sleeping Through”


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لا أستطيع أن أكتبَ عن دمشق، دون أن يُعرِّشَ الياسمين على أصابعي. ‏

ولا أستطيع أن أنطقَ اسمها، دون أن يكتظَّ فمي بعصير
.المشمش، والرمان، والتوت، والسفرجل


I cannot write about Damascus, without the jasmine climbing on my fingers.
I cannot say Her name, without my mouth getting overcrowded with apricot juice, blackberries and quince.

—  Nizar Qabbani, A Green Lantern on Damascus’ Door.
I want you,
And I know that I want the impossible,
And that you’re above the claim of imagination,
Above possession and above destiny,
And the sweetest in sweetness,
And the most beautiful in beauty..

أعرفُ أَنّي أُريدُ المُحاَلْ
وأَنَّكِ فوق ادّعاءِ الخَيَالْ
وفوقَ الحيازةِ ، فوقَ النَوَالْ
وأطيبُ ما في الطُيُوبِ
وأجْمَلُ ما في الجمالْ
—  Impulse, Nizar Qabbani