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A telegram sent by George to President Richard Nixon in August 1973. It reads (I think…) 

President Richard Nixon

White House 

Sir how can you bomb Cambodian citizens and worry about kicking me out of the country for smoking marijuana at the time. Your repressive emperaour [sic] war monger ways stop before too piece luv [sic] we will run the world Harry Krisher Hare Hara Krisne Hare Hara Hare Hara Krishner [sic]

George Harrison

George had been having a spot of bother with his visa in America. It appears he’d been granted a 2 month visa so he could come to the US for ‘conferences and business meetings’ but had been denied an extension to the visa once the two months were up due to the previous conviction George had for possession of marijuana in 1969. George, and Pattie who was accompanying him, were told to leave the US on or before 1st June 1973, but they didn’t so they ended up overstaying 28 days. George was a bit peeved about it as you can see.

This is from a lot of papers and files from the United States Citizen and Immigration services on George and his various visas over the years. They show that the conviction for possession of drugs was still causing George trouble right up to 1994 (and probably beyond). The immigration office replied to George’s telegram with a short letter stating they’d already given him the reasons his visa extension was denied. The letter was carbon copied to the staff assistant at the White House. 

I love the way someone has written, “(Is this one of the former Beatles?)” at the top of the telegram. As if it could be anyone else!

bbkld  asked:

What did Nixon do during the first week after his resignation?

Oddly, he had one hell of a dance party. Now, you won’t find many sources that confirm this, but believe me, as soon he got back to La Casa Pacifica, Richard Milhous Nixon cranked up some Tony Orlando & Dawn and got the fuck down. And he really didn’t stop dancing until he decided that he needed to get focused and prepare himself for the Frost/Nixon interviews. In 1977. So, he basically danced until Jimmy Carter was inaugurated. Don’t get me wrong, though – Dick Nixon wasn’t dancing out of joy; Dick Nixon danced out of pain. 


Future Systems (Jan Kaplický & David Nixon) | Torre Coexistence | Nueva York, Estados Unidos | 1984

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