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The founder of Surfer magazine, John Severson, died last week, Friday, May 26. The beaches of Southern California, in particular, those in the San Diego-Orange County coastal area, were of great importance to Mr. Severson.
Hoping to address the issues of public beaches, coastal access, and surfing, he wrote President Nixon asking for an opportunity to meet with the President. He did eventually meet with John Ehrlichman. In March 1971, President Nixon issued a statement about his request to the US Marine Corp regarding transferring six miles of coastline in Camp Pendleton to the State of California and making an addition 3,400 acres adjacent to San Clemente available for public use or sale. If only we could interview Mr. Severson about what part, if any, his interaction with the administration played in the President’s request.
In addition to founding Surfer, Mr. Severson was also an artist and filmmaker. Wherever he is, we hope he is riding the perfect wave.