Movements need political moments, and this is one. Already, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest Trump’s election and proposed political platform. The stakes seem insurmountably high. Immigrants, activated by legitimate fears that they will be rounded up and deported, are taking to the streets, daring to be seen and heard.

There’s truth in words that, “Once black people get free, everybody gets free.” That means that policies of policing, surveillance, social welfare, even drug reform, that begin in black communities are often scaled to white ones. Black activists have been saying this throughout 2016.

We didn’t have to be in this moment, but here we are. We’ve been here before. And we’ll no doubt be here again. History is not linear, it’s cyclical. And in this case, that’s a powerful statement of what’s to come for grassroots organizers and activists across the country.

— Jamilah King, It’s 1968 again — and maybe that’s good for America