nothingburgers: then, as now

(see part one: civil rights cartoons)

in the 1970s, america experienced an unprecedented crisis as those mean ol’ democrats ganged up on poor ol’ dick nixon

and now they’re doing it again!

it was all the media cared about too but nobody else gave a shit, nosirree

it’s all just words, see!

the president is squeaky clean, he’s above all these baseless accusations

they got nothin i tell ya, its all in their imagination and in fact they’re acting very irresponsibly

they’re just wallowing in filth, they’ll never find anything!

ok they found something, but whaddabout all those even worse crimes committed by those mean ol’ dems! why isnt anybody trying to impeach them

(huge thanks to Pakled and Rebel Bob for digging up the old-time cartoons)