It’s #ElectionCollection Tuesday! The theme for this week is Pop Culture. Whether it was being a part of the first televised presidential debate, his appearance on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, or his portrait by Andy Warhol, Richard Nixon holds a special place in American popular culture. Here are some humorous Politicards playing cards from our museum collections. They date from about 1972 and feature the First Family, Dr. Henry Kissinger, and Vice President Agnew. @usnatarchives @americanexperiencepbs (at Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum)

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Let’s do something about climate change.

Fergal Smith has radically changed his way of life over the past few years, giving up his pro surfer lifestyle to live off the land in Ireland. He has ceased all air travel, converted his van to run on home-sourced biofuel, stopped using his jet skis, and started to organically grow all his own food, looking to become completely self-sufficient. Coming out soon: an exclusive documentary on Fergal produced by @desillusion. Stay tuned!