Remember when Boko Haram murdered over two THOUSAND people (a higher death toll than those killed during 9/11) and pictures were posted of the smoldering bodies of mothers, shielding their children from the fires that burned them alive? Remember how nobody really talked about it?

Remember when a father was murdered by NYPD officers ON CAMERA and nothing was done about it?

Or what about GTMO! Oh boy! That’s an oldie, but a goodie.

HEY! What about the time, that president of that country, told all his people that, across the ocean, in a faraway land, the president of another country was preparing to strike and needed to be taken out; remember all those young, fresh-faced boys and how happy they were to go off to war; remember all those citizens, and how they hungered for blood—unconcerned with guilt or facts or reason? How about when, as it turned out, the president of that faraway land WASN’T actually planning on attacking, and the president of the homeland had actually just made everything up so he could play his role in expanding the empire and enjoy his handsome handout?

Does anyone remember? Or is it just that nobody cares?

Richard Nixon Examining a Model of the Space Shuttle.  Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, NASA Space Museum and Orientation Center in Houston, Texas.  3/19/1974.

President Nixon had first announced the Space Shuttle program on January 5, 1972.  

In 1976, NASA was ready to unveil the first Space Shuttle.  President Ford approved the name, Enterprise, on September 8, 1976.

-from the Nixon and Ford Libraries         

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