Day 21.

A Girl and her Mutant.

I’ve kept telling myself I’d post something colored this week and I finally did…five hours late but still!

Another picture of Shade and Jerri, though I changed Jerri into a cute curvy girl instead of a skinner punk girl, given it would be adorable if they had different body types. Plus it would be even cuter if she was the one to teach Shade the joy of color and femininity, instead of Shade somehow learning it on her own.

I’ll have to look up cuter dresses for them wear together! Still can’t decided whether Shade is an alien-human-breed or not though…

mabgoblins  asked:

I've had probably the worst day today but your Cadash comics have really cheered me up! You're always a huge inspiration and fuel for my love for the Dragon Age series, ever since Origins. Keep doing what you love!<3

Thank you for the kind words! Glad that the Cadash comics cheered you up! It’s always nice to know that what I do that makes me the happiest also makes the reader smile; It’s the best feeling indeed :)

I hope tomorrow and onwards will be better times for you.


I only had a few hours to sketch this out, but better late than never, right?

Happy Birthday, Markiplier!

Your video’s always inspire me to keep going and try harder by punching life in the face and never give up! And congratulation’s to Bob and his lucky wife today, I hope you both have many enriching and heartwarming years together and the wedding went off without a hitch!

Thank you both so much for posting amazing videos and just being awesome people!


Hello all of TUMBLR!

Due to financial issues of recently just moving into a new apartment, paying deposit fees and transferring to a new job, I’m struggling to keep my bank account from the negatives. So I’m trying out adoptables again, only this time their adorable Monsters for sale! _______________________________________________________




Rosie Posie: SOLD
Chernobyl: SOLD
Sweet Toothie: FOR SALE
Son of Bacchus: SOLD
FishEye: SOLD
Shy Violent: SOLD
Paradiso: SOLD
Darjeeling: FOR SALE
Young Prophet: FOR SALE

HD version here: link


I could really use your help and would love it if these cute character designs could find a good home! I’ve put a lot of love and effort into each one and hope to sale out. Once payment has been received, you may change character however you see fit.


Regular Commissions and Custom Adopts will open soon as well if these don’t sell!

WITCHSONA for Witch Week!

For me and my sister. (me on the left, her on the right).

Her’s would be an herb witch with her own apothecary shop to feed her dozen of cats and could make semi-perfect potions that could heal, turn your head or change your appearance and do scrying on the side.

I believe that mine would be a modern witch hunter that would use her blood to summon spirits and monsters to fight for her or give her more powers. Plus she would have a loyal information underground network of goblins/imps.

Sorry I didn’t have time to color, sista dear!

Preview of a Sailor Moon print I’m working on for Monitacon 2013. Gods its taking me FOREVER, but i really like how its coming out so far. Experimenting more with color and lines. Tell me whatcha think! I’m giving myself a few more days to finish it. Hopefully~

Stay Frosty!


Day 22 and 23.

The top one is a redesign of an old character of mine named Larva. She was original an experimental hodgepodge I put together to try to come up with an odd character but I made her more into a water spirit instead. I love her so much, one of the few OCs that I have that hasn’t disappeared from my memory.

The bottom I drew myself in on of my favorite outfits that I put together from a galaxy dress a my friend bought me. One of the few days I felt really cute<3

Hopefully I’ll be able to flesh out more original characters in the future and try to post more colored stuff on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone that’s recently watched me and still here!

You guys rock!

Did I mention I like turtles? No? Well ok than. I like turtles. Ninja turtles. TEENAGE mutant ninja turtles! Gahhhhh! No seriously i have a huge fan crush on these guys since forever and they’ve been near and dear to my heart since I was a wee little Nixie. I really do love everything about these guys and can’t help but draw them every now again whenever I get one of my TMNT urges or “feels” as its call on here…

I use to have tons of fanart on my old computer before it crashed, so many doodles in my note book at school, nothing but turtles and fan characters and sketches of them in different poses…sigh…I have a problem. No, really. 0___0 I’ve always wanted to do a comic with them…I need help.

Still trying to figure how I’m going to draw each one differently but i think I’m getting there. Poor Raph, he looks so angry…8(

Stay Frosty!

Another TE nostalgia drawing from a random pokemon generator. I believe its Swalot#317. I use to draw Pokemon gijinka’s alot on there as well and Posion pokemon have a soft spot on me, so I tried my best at drawing a cute girly version of one.

Still trying to figure out how to color…hopefully i’ll get better. Perhaps more pokemon people in the future? maybe! ;D

Stay Frosty!

Commission I did for Tricerabeth of her bf’s Guild Wars 2 character in Temple heavy armor and her guild’s tabard. It was so fun to do, and though it took me a while to finish it, it was really neat drawing armor for the first time.

My commission info can be located here if you’d like something similar to this:

B/W Commissions

Guild Wars 2 Headshots

You can email me at

Hope everyone is having a great day!