nix draws


RE-reading the Abhorsen series because the 5th book came out and it’s not like I’ve read them all like 4x in the past 2 years (wait yes I have) ANYWAY was playing around with what Mogget might look like in his unbound form! I think I want to do some more explorations of this form but these were just my first thoughts. I’m super fascinated by Nix’s descriptions of the free magic creatures/elementals as well as different forms of the Dead, and definitely want to do some more design explorations of Stilkens, Aziminil and Baazalanan, etc…

EDIT: You’ll notice I misspelled “Yrael” in my sketch notes b/c I was listening to Abhorsen on Audiobook this time around lol oops ^^;;;;


some sketches from earlier–AU where single mom carla jaeger joins the survey corps after the death of her children and ends up being a mom to the entire 104th 

nagging jean about his table manners and fretting over sasha breaking into the supplies

and sensing something is wrong with bertl, annie and reiner, and making their plan just that much harder to go through with by attempting to make up for their lost childhoods

i made an art prompt

and the theme is 

fantastic creatures

i got bored so i decided to make one of these. you dont have to necessarily do them in order, and you dont HAVE to do all of them. this is just an art prompt that offers quite a bit. if you would like to, link me your finished drawing/s. i would love to see them.

1. nymph
2. dryad
3. nyad
4. fairy
5. flower spirit
7. deer spirit
8. banshee
9. dragon
10. unicorn
11. centaur
18. fawn
19. brownie
20. werewolf
21. Pegasus
22. mothman
23. ghost
24. kelpie
25. gryphon
26. basilisk
27. mermaid
28. vampire
29. wendigo
30. elf
31. alien
32. gorgon
33. ghoul
34. minotaur
35. witch
36. skinwalker
37. ent
38. willow o the wisp
39. Phoenix
40. Jersey devil  
41. Cyclops
42. hell hound
43. hippogriff  
44. sea serpent
45. zombie
46. winged lion
47. sphinx
48. giant
49. jackaloap
50. ANYTHING! :‘D 

I designed a mordrem for my ele a while back and forgot to post it ^^;

I was trying to play off the harp thing I have going on, and I think this mordrem would be a very “dancey” fighter that hops around and spins a lot

since my ele is one half of a set of twins, her head is meant to appear as though one half of it is missing, but idk if it showed up very well @_@