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RE-reading the Abhorsen series because the 5th book came out and it’s not like I’ve read them all like 4x in the past 2 years (wait yes I have) ANYWAY was playing around with what Mogget might look like in his unbound form! I think I want to do some more explorations of this form but these were just my first thoughts. I’m super fascinated by Nix’s descriptions of the free magic creatures/elementals as well as different forms of the Dead, and definitely want to do some more design explorations of Stilkens, Aziminil and Baazalanan, etc…

EDIT: You’ll notice I misspelled “Yrael” in my sketch notes b/c I was listening to Abhorsen on Audiobook this time around lol oops ^^;;;;

Ok so I have a theory that Portia is actually Julian’s little sister because (a) Julian is supposed to have a secret sister that no one knew about, (b) both Portia and Julian have pale skin and reddish hair, and © Portia acts funny whenever anyone brings up the topic of Julian


“Shopkeep” wear vs Palace wear
Life’s too short to be afraid of self inserts.
Palace design has a bow on the back of the neck and I don’t mind if anybody uses it too. I got the idea after @thearcanagame mentioned Nadia’s new outfit was inspired by Crimson Peak. I got a pic of Edith in her counterpart outfit (it was a poster in my room lol) and mixed it with Nadia’s own. So, free game 😉
Shopkeep wear (not going to let that down Jules) is inspired by my own Mexican traditional wear. Since I’m too practical you can’t see it nor my hair. It’s definitely a clean up side by side huh?

In other news, I looked into making a dress up game for everyone to make an apprentice with but I don’t have darn Flash. Maybe I can HTML it.


some sketches from earlier–AU where single mom carla jaeger joins the survey corps after the death of her children and ends up being a mom to the entire 104th 

nagging jean about his table manners and fretting over sasha breaking into the supplies

and sensing something is wrong with bertl, annie and reiner, and making their plan just that much harder to go through with by attempting to make up for their lost childhoods


getting the bg right was more trouble than it was worth-


i hate my handwriting

art is mine. dont repost without credit, thanks! <3

also im not forcing you to ship it. if you dont like the ship, just ignore, thanks