nix draws

Obviously I had to create my version of the Apprentice from “The Arcana” game yesterday evening after studying. So yeah, Cassandra (because obviously I couldn’t help but insert a mythology reference): I made her very similar to me, except for the fluffy long hair (mine is shorter and as straight as spaghetti). She has a terrible weakness for Doctor SadboiJULIAN, I MEAN JULIAN.
I need to thank again @spielhur for introducing me to this wonderful game and @danarune for the awesome and mesmerizing artwork, which is truly an inspiration.

A quick drawing of my D&D character, Nix

I wanted to design him a fancy outfit from maybe a social party or some special occasion? Nix comes from a wealthy and powerful family, the Azrath, so he would wear clothes with his family’s emblem on them. 

I want to draw also his 2 big brothers (Shaitan and Seth) all fancy and elegant for the occasion, pretending they would all get along in an occasion like a family meeting/social party :’D

(Shaitan) (Seth) (All together)


Hello! Here is my apprentice, Avery for the arcana game.

She has a penchant  for bishop sleeves as it makes her feel safe and cozy. :) (I like to think she used magic to make that cape transparent with some sort of protection spell for her travels)


He always struck me as the type of person who would wear butterfly clips!! XD

@chemicalnimu asked me to draw very flustered Julian for her birthday present, so I deliver! It turned out great, if I can say so myself, I’m proud of the result. And I had lots of fun doing it.

As it’s a pretty suitable piece for a bootleg merch, I added a watermark, sorry about that. NO BOOBS FOR THIEVES! Nimu, I’ll send you a version without it, it’s bigger too.

I re-did the design for my Arcana apprentice! I spent quite a lot of time on it, because lately I’ve been very disappointed in my art and I couldn’t draw for more than half an hour without getting frustrated. 
Anyway! :D This is Saturnia in her casual, palace friendly, and masquerade outfits, hope you like them!

I really want to draw more of her, I hope I’ll get through this art block soon :V