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easy boys working on same street AU. web and nix own bookstore. web's nemesis/crush owns comicbook store right across the street. they try out do eachother with displays. dick, harry and carwood own little coffee shop on the corner. dick can be often seen with book in his hand with flirty sticker note on the first page from one handsome brunette. harry spends most of his shifts staring at beautiful owner of boutique in which he bought gifts for all his sisters even tho he's only child. ...

…and carwood has many regulars because he’s ray of sunshine and one particular regular seems really grumpy and all too serious so carwood writes him small notes/jokes on the cup everyday just to see him smile that private smile. ron with cup in his hand goes straight to his tattoo studio where he works along with toye and bill, his best artist and luz as secretary and toye’s personal source of snogs on breaks. and babe student working at 24h dinner with one hot med student coming there at 1am

hello my lovely anon and I’m sorry for replying to this late but please know that I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS AU FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS.

  • Nix and Web owning a bookstore together when in truth it’s actually Web who runs the store while Nix provides the cash for all the obscure limited edition that Web wants in their inventory but doesn’t want to sell to anyone.
  • and Web always has this grand idea to attract customer so he always comes up with themes so this month is Famous Lovers in Literature Week where customers are encouraged to dress as their fave couple which is a hit by the way
  • Only Web gets smug about it and thumbs his nose at Lieb’s empty bookstore until one day the man comes up with a theme of Famous Superhero Couple You’d Like to See Together Week and everyone swarms to his store instead.
  • Which Nix doesn’t mind at all because he’s too busy wooing the ginger eskimo from the coffee shop around the corner and Dick flirts back by preparing Nix’s coffee even before he opens his mouth to order.
  • And then there’s Harry with his heart eyes on Kitty who is all sparkly smile and fairydust charms that makes Harry does things that he usually doesn’t do.
  • Enters Ron and his grumpy demeanor because it’s been a hectic weekend night of drunk people coming in to get tattoos that they will regret later.
  • Only Carwood’s smile and coffee can make him smile like a soft-hearted fool he tries not to show to everyone.
  • Except Bill and Toye know their boss is a good man. One that doesn’t mind workplace romance because let’s be real here, Toye and Luz can’t get their hands off each other no matter how many time Bill yells at them to get a room.
  • And sweet Babe bussing the table to cover his school fees and he’s all sunshine smile and sassy mouth because the one in the morning crowd is usually zombies on caffeine but Gene is different.
  • Gene is softness that makes Babe wants to give him more coffee and pancakes and possibly a big cuddle if he’s up for it but for now, more coffee seems like a good idea.
In every moment, there is the possibility of a better future, but you people won’t believe it! And because you won’t believe it, you won’t do what is necessary to make it a reality. So you dwell on this terrible future and you resign yourselves to it. And for one reason; because that future doesn’t ask anything of you, today.
—  Nix, Tomorrowland