Alright, I’m bored, so let me post these extremely late pictures of my halloween costume for last year and my costume for this year because it took forever to make.

This little thingy is some pan-foil type thing that has the design drawn on with a sharpy LID. It’s indented into the metal, intricately made.

This gauntlet is a similar thing. It’s designed with the same kind of material, allowing it to be bent and the design to be pressed in in a similar manner. With tweaking I should be able to add ruler hidden blades.

My pauldron. Exact same thing as the other two, but on my shoulder. It’s attached to a cloth designed to look like a leather belt type thing. I did no research whatsoever on the names of these parts, so I don’t know stuff.

Finally, my face. This hood is designed to fit around my hair, which at the time was an afro. It fits exactly how Ezio’s hood fits around his head, but more realistically because I have hair to hold it up. 

And here is the poorly taken picture of it all put together. I have the hood, the tunic, the metal plating, the sash, the skirt, and I even have special boot upper-half-things that I wear with dress shoes to create the illusion of his boots.

And then there’s the cape thing. Very fancy.