nivea lip balm

  • Hanbin (about iKON): We can't make idol friends we're too shy..
  • random idol group: Hi there!
  • June: *ignores and starts singly loudly*
  • Yunhyeong: *passes out nivea lip balm*
  • Jinwan: *flirts with every member*
  • Donghyuk: *does unbearable aegyo*
  • Chanwoo: *challenges each member to arm wrestle*
  • Bobby: *runs circles around group*
  • Hanbin *in idol's faces*: WAOOOW!
  • random idol group: *freaks out runs away*
  • iKON: ..?
  • Hanbin: *sigh* They must of sensed our shyness...
A long distance relationship with Jinhwan would be like

- lots of late night skype calls, usually after midnight when he comes home from practice

- trying to figure out time differences when he’s on tour

him borrowing Yunhyeong’s Nivea cherry flavoured lip balm to look good for you

- you telling him to sleep bc you know he’s tired from practice but him insisting to talk to you

- ‘tell me everything about your day’

- comfortable silences where you’re both sleepy and just looking at the other on the screen

- occasional (mainly Bobby) ikon popping up and bugging you ‘HI Y/N. YOU’RE SO PRETTY’ and jinhwan shoving them out of the screen and going into a closet for privacy

- opening snapchat to find 150 secs of snaps from jinhwan of him 'vlogging’ the most mundane details of his day

- constant competition of who can make the ugliest/funniest face over snapchat

- late night/early am calls of 'i miss you’

- sleepily talking over the phone, planning what you guys would do once you see each other

- you yearning for him but holding it in bc you know it’s hard for him too… and him doing the same for you

- jinhwan surprising you on your birthday by flying over to visit

(Bonus: getting frisky immediately once you guys are behind closed doors)

Small necessity haul
Adore mini bullet: £4.99
Adore mini wand: £4.99
Biorè pore cleaners: £9.14
Blue pen: £1.49
Nivea blueberry lip balm: £1.00
Ramen noodles: 65p
Rubicon drink: 60p
Face cloth: 49p

Total: £23.35

Movie Night with Sleeping Beauty/Bobby

@thekimbab: ‘A Bobby fluff where you’re both watching a movie but he ends up falling asleep’

Authour: Me (duh)

Genre: fluff!

Character(s): reader, IKON’s Bobby/Kim Jiwon

Word Count: 617

Summary: a romantic movie night with Bobby in which he falls asleep.

Authour’s notes: this is my first ever scenario that I’ve written so I’m nervous. Please give me some constructive criticism and feedback. Feel free to request! I don’t write smut (suggestive is okay)


‘Maybe we should go out next time,’ you suggest.

‘Mmm,’ murmurs Bobby, in half-hearted agreement. He tucked himself deeper into the blankets.

‘Who even watches movies using the TV anymore? More than that, who buys DVD’s?’ you mumble, ‘it’s all online anyway’.


You struggle to open the oak-wood drawer underneath the TV set that hadn’t been opened since your dad decided he wanted ‘family movie night’ to become a thing (it never became a thing). When the stubborn drawer finally decided to open, countless scratched dvd cases spilled out, making you sigh in exasperation. ‘What do you want to watch, babe? There’s only old movies. The Notebook? Jaws? … babe?’

‘Yeah, totally, I agree,’ mumbles a quiet voice from behind you. You look back to see your boyfriend snuggled in the left corner of your couch, eyes closed, drifting off into sleep.


He jerks up, eyes flying open for a second until they start to droop again in exhaustion. You weren’t going to let that happen, ‘babe!’ you yell again, throwing a cushion at him. ‘A romantic movie night was your suggestion, you can’t just fall asleep!’

‘I’m sorry’, he apologises, catching the cushion and hugging it, ‘I just had a hard day at training. Umm… I’ll pick Jaws then.’ He throws you a charming smile.

‘Nope, you don’t get a choice anymore. We’re watching The Notebook’.

‘But I hate that movie!’ He complains.

‘That’s why we’re watching it.’ You smile smugly at him, before inserting the dvd into the player.

Bobby reaches out his arms for you, pouting as he does. You can’t help notice how soft and supple his lips have been looking lately. Maybe he’s been borrowing Yunyeong’s Nivea Cherry Flavoured lip balm.  You pull yourself away from the hypnotising sight and sat yourself next to Bobby, falling into his warm embrace. Without hesitation, he draws the blanket over you. As he leans over your lap, you can smell the mixed scent of shampoo and sweat. He must’ve really had a hard day at training. While you were lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed Bobby not sitting back up on his side of the couch. Instead, he had plopped himself on your lap, facing sideways to see the screen. You were about to complain until you realise how naturally he fit into the small space between your thighs and your stomach - almost as naturally as your hand went over his body to hold his.

‘You totally watched this for Ryan Gosling’.

‘Nah,’ you lied, ‘it was for the plot’. You reach the popcorn and chomp down loudly, before reaching for another handful to feed Bobby. ‘OUCH!’ you yell when Bobby bites your pinky finger, ‘that’s not popcorn’.

‘Tasted like popcorn’, he replies cheekily. He licks your finger to prove your point. You shush him as you blush. The next ten minutes are consumed by avid movie watching and popcorn chomping by you and you only. ‘I need a drink’, you finally break the silence. Bobby doesn’t reply. He couldn’t have… you peer down at your boyfriend’s face. He was totally asleep – mouth open, slight drool trickling down his left cheek. You wipe it quickly with your thumb before it could make its way down to your bare thigh. Sleeping beauty? More like sleeping baby.

You reach for the popcorn with your left hand, careful not to move your body so as not to wake up Bobby . You leaned down and whispered, ‘I may have watched it a tiny bit for Ryan Gosling’. You sit up straight again after your confession, before hearing Bobby’s breathy voice – ‘I totally knew it’. You scrunched your face in defeat. Darn it, Bobby.

(I’ve created a scenario blog so for more ikon (and got7) please request at and follow igotikonic-scenarios! ^^)

New Year's Resolution
  • Yunhyeong: My New Year's Resolution is to be accepted as Nivea's Lip Balm spokes model.
  • Chanwoo: But you are acc-- Never mind.... Well, my New Year's Resolution is to be independent... [turns his head to look at Jinhwan]
  • Jinhwan: [to Chanwoo] Yeah.... My new year's resolution is---
  • Junhoe: to be tall?
  • Jinhwan: [glares, ignores June] is for iKON to not disband early...
  • Junhoe: my new year's resolution is to have a young face forever.
  • iKON: Typical Junhoe.
  • Junhoe: [rolls eyes, ignores other members]
  • Donghyuk: my new year's resolution is for us to have a good year in 2017... maybe we'll release many songs in 2k17 but no one knows.
  • [DoubleB Arguing]
  • Hanbin: we shouldn't have the same new year's resolution you twat!
  • Bobby: but I thought of it first!!
  • Jinhwan: Good Lord just tell us what the hell is your new year's resolution!
  • Hanbin: my new year's resolution is to stay with him forever and his new year's resolution is to stay with me forever. *pouts*
  • Yunhyeong: Hanbin, why won't you change your new year's resolution? Change it to "Bobby to understand you more".
  • Hanbin: *sighs* okay. I liked my first resolution tho....
The Best Birthday Surprise (Hanbin)

Requested by @jjxeun 

Birthday scenario; w/ hanbin pls! I don’t really have a plot so I guess it’s up to you! Pls and thank you!

Genre: fluff!

Character(s): reader, IKON’s Hanbin and cameo by ikon+Bobby, Yunhyeong’s Nivea Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm

Word Count: 1,210

Summary: Hanbin says he can’t come for your birthday because… he has a concert?

Authour’s notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jjxeun YOU LOVELY GIRL <3 Hope you have an amazing one :D I also hope you enjoy this scenario – it’s not the best or longest I’ve written but I tried to make it fluffy for you. Have a Happy New Year everyone!

‘But it’s my birthday! You promised last year that you would be here for my birthday this year!’ you whined through the phone. Hanbin had missed your birthday last year too, because he was too busy practising. He had promised that day that he wouldn’t miss any others, no matter what.

‘I’m sorry, baby, I don’t know what to say. I have a concert and I’m the leader, I can’t miss it. I have to think about my members and the fans as well,’ he replies apologetically.

‘Well MAYBE you should think about your GIRLFRIEND sometimes!’ you yell back and hang up the phone in anger. You sigh and throw yourself on the bed. Your ceiling fan turns slowly in your sight; your heart feels heavier with every ‘whoosh’. Yelling at Hanbin wasn’t something you liked to do. The immense pressure his work put on him was enough, without you piling on more. You knew going in that it wasn’t going to be easy sharing your boyfriend with the rest of the world. Hanbin knew this so he always treated you with gentle kindness and appreciation, and tried to make your every minute together as special as it felt to him. The ceiling fan turns another round. The clock strikes 1am. ‘I should call him back’ nags a voice in the back of your mind. This wasn’t the best way to start your birthday; but then you flash back to last year. You remember how you waited in the snow in front of your favourite café for an hour for him to show up, but he never did. You remember the long walk back home and how your tears fell on melting snow. You remember him knocking on your door in the early am’s the next morning and apologising profusely. You remember you accepting the apology and him promising he would never miss another one. ‘There’s no way I can forgive him now, not yet.’ Your eyelids shut off the world as your drift into an anxious slumber.

‘Y/N! Y/N!’ a shouting male voice drags you into consciousness. ‘Hanbin!’ was all you could think, your eyes fly open and you sit up, hitting the owner of the voice in the head. ‘Ouch, honey, you didn’t have to do that.’ He rubs his forehead with his left hand as he holds out a neatly wrapped present in the other. You smile shyly and take the present. ‘Thanks, Dad’.

‘Happy birthday,’ says your dad, as he kisses you on the forehead, ‘I can’t believe my little girl’s another year older.’ He pretends to tear up, provoking you to give him a playful kick in the leg. He laughs. ‘A birthday breakfast is waiting for you down stairs, don’t take too long!’ He closes the door gently on his way out. You stare at the closed door, then smile. It sucks that Hanbin won’t be here today, but you still had your wonderful family and friends. This day doesn’t have to be so bad.

With this thought you hop out of bed. This bittersweet thought carried you throughout the first half of the day, and soon it was forgotten entirely as you were absorbed in the fun. It’s 4pm in the late afternoon and your two best friends are over at your house for drinks.. As you wash your hands in the bathroom sink, you can see the sun sliding across the horizon like a yolk in a bowl. You make your way back to your room but your footsteps slow down as you hear whispering. It was your friends.

‘like the surprise?’

‘Of course. She’s gonna love us so much for it’

‘I hope it works ou-’

‘Shhh, she’s back!’

You step in the room and close the door behind you. Both of them quickly divert their attention to a random object in your room. You smile to yourself knowingly. If they were going to plan a surprise birthday party for you, they shouldn’t have made it so obvious. You didn’t want to devastate them, though, so you pretend that they haven’t heard anything. The day continues with laughter, reminiscing, and friendly teases about you getting older. Before you knew it, you were alone in the house again – friends gone and parents off to get your birthday cake. You lie on your bed again, white ceiling fan turning slowly but steadily. A ‘bang’ from somewhere in your house makes you drop the Nivea Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm you were holding. You parents had only just left, surely they couldn’t be back. Maybe they had forgotten to take something; dad always forgets things if mum doesn’t remind him. You wait for the creak of the front door opening, but it doesn’t come. You decide to investigate. Your door opens silently and you furtively peak out your room. The hall was empty, subtly lit by small candles you were sure your friends hadn’t left. You inhale. They were those fancy Glasshouse candles, caramel vanilla flavoured. You follow the aisle of burning wax; through the hall; through the kitchen; through the living room; until they stopped abruptly in front of the garage door. Through the bottom crack of the door, you could see lights flashing. ‘If I get killed now, at least I had a good day’ you think to yourself. You open the door.

You’re momentarily blinded by a white light. Is this heaven? A guitar begins to play a soft melody and you hear a raspy voice.

‘Neoneun nae chwihyangjeogyeok nae chwihyangjeogyeok
Malhaji anhado neukkimi wa’

Your eyes adjust to the lighting. It’s Hanbin’s friend, Bobby. This was the first time you had seen him and his charisma put you in awe and shock.

‘Meoributeo balkkeutkkaji da.’ The music stops as he leans down to kiss your hand. You look up to realise that the whole of ikon is standing in your garage. Mics, guitars, fancy suits and all. All of ikon except-… the music starts again.

‘Neoneun nae chwihyangjeogyeok nan neoreul bomyeon.’ A Hanbin dressed normally in berets and flowered shirts walks out from the darkness, dressed in a tailored grey suit. His hair is slicked back to give a Grease Lightning feel.

‘Gajigo sipeoseo andari na,’ he sings without a mic, accompanied only by the soft guitar. He doesn’t break eye contact as he walks towards you. With each step, your head feels light and your heart grows.

‘Jagi jeonkkajido saenggagi na.’ You wait for him to say ‘pow’, but he doesn’t. Instead, he leans in at kisses you. Then he hands you a rose and a small box.

You don’t say anything. You calmly take the box and flower, and put it on the ground next to you. Then you surprise Hanbin by charging at him with an aggressive hug, winding him.

‘I THOUGHT YOU WERE AT A CONCERT!’ you scream in excitement.

‘I AM. I’M AT YOUR CONCERT,’ he screams back, matching your excitement. He never failed to match the mood. ‘The personal ikon concert,’ he gestures at his band mates behind him, before turning back to you, ‘for my beautiful girlfriend’s birthday’. He gives you a deep kiss. You kiss him back and hear the other members groaning. ‘Get a room!’ shouts Bobby. You smile into the kiss. 

anonymous asked:

As someone who travels a lot what are your carry-on essentials? Like have you managed to figure out your "perfect" carry on bag?

Since I usually only travel with carry-on items, I think that I’ve finally perfected the process of packing all of my necessities within my carry-on luggage and one of my Pan Am bags. The stuff that I usually pack in my Pan Am bag is pretty much what I lug around in my purse on a day-to-day basis, because I live the life of a girl adventurer/teen runaway.

Anyway, here is my standard packing list for a three-day weekend:

In my Pan Am bag:

  • iPhone (fully charged, with a fully charged external charger)
  • 3DS (fully charged, with one or two game cartridges)
  • Makeup (nivea cherry tinted lip balm, eyeliner pen, eyeliner pencil, blotting sheets, bb cream with spf)
  • Small moleskine notebook & sharpie pens
  • Light jacket (I’m usually already wearing this thing by the time I get to the airport, y’all.)
  • Digital camera and/or my Instax
  • Camera stuff (a pack of AA batteries, film, SD cards, SD card reader)
  • Boarding pass (physical or digital via iPhone)
  • Wallet (Don’t forget your ID/passport! Also, travel with some cash in your wallet.)
  • Water
  • A handful of hair ties/elastics
  • Compact mirror
  • Tissues
  • Gum
  • Keys

In my carry-on luggage:

  • 2-3 dresses
  • Two tops
  • One skirt
  • Three pairs of underwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Three pairs of tights
  • 2-3 bows & two headbands
  • Small cosmetic bag containing jewelry (1-2 necklaces, 2-4 rings, one pair of earrings, one watch)
  • Travel-sized lint roller
  • Cosmetic bag with makeup & toiletries (2-3 lipsticks, mattifying powder, makeup brushes, concealer, eyebrow kit, mascara, pack of bobby pins, makeup wipes, facewash, moisturizer, travel-sized shampoo/conditioner/bodywash, razor)
  • Brush/detangling comb
  • Phone charger
  • Laptop & charger
  • Flash drive
  • 3DS charger
  • Crossbody purse or a tote bag for daily wear
  • Optional: hairdryer (I rarely pack one, because my hosts usually own one.)

When I’m packing for conventions, it’s pretty much the same packing list, but with dumb costumes and wigs crammed in there too~

Love Sick for Hanbin

Request: none (please request!!)

Authour: Me

Genre: fluff

Character(s): reader, IKON’s B.I (Kim Hanbin)

Word Count: 1,219

Summary: you’re sick and Hanbin comes to visit you with a dorky method of encouraging you. He also gets a little bit jealous and more than a little bit cheeky.

Authour’s notes: I’m sorry this is really bad. I need a beer or something to boost my creativity because I honestly struggled so much writing this and trying not to have clichés while making it not sound weird and lame (but it ended up sounding weird anyway). But, it means I come out a slightly improved writer, so creative criticism welcomed! Also, sorry about the fried chicken references. My friend had some for lunch and honestly I’m so hungry right now I’m going to get some food.


“Make sure you drink lots of water, okay? And don’t skimp on food. If you need grocery money I can send you some. Give me a call if you need anything and-”

“Mum, I’ll be fine,” you reassure her, “it’s just a little cold. It’ll pass. I’ll call you later.”

She sighs loudly. “I know, just call me soon, okay? I bet you regret moving out, already!” You could hear almost her smirk through the phone. You hung up. Of course, she wasn’t totally wrong. Moving out of home and into a new city filled with unfamiliar faces was difficult, and there was bound to be regrets and ‘what ifs’; but you were happy. You toss your phone on your bed and head to the bathroom to wash your face. Besides, if you hadn’t moved, you would never have met Hanbin. Hanbin. I wonder what he’s doing now. If your memory served you correctly, he should be at his part-time job right now. The part time job that led to your meeting, the part time job that you just called in sick to on a busy Friday night. A pang of guilt hit you. There’s nothing you can do about it now, and a look in the mirror convinced you of that. A near blue complexion with pale, chapped lips and bags even Prada couldn’t top. Thank goodness Hanbin isn’t here to see this. You guys had only been dating for a month and this was not a line he would be ready to cross. You’d probably traumatise him into never dating girls ever again.


Someone was yelling your name. Your mind jerks awake but your body follows slowly. You can hear the TV. A cheesy soap opera is playing far too loudly. You must’ve drifted off when watching Infinity Challenge. Your eyes struggle to tear open as you sit up, and when they finally do, they’re met by a spinning room. Extending your arm and fingers outwards, you attempt to reach for the remote without moving your body, which, at this point, felt like it was subdued under water.

‘Y/N! Y/N!’ yells a familiar voice from the door. So it wasn’t a dream. You stumble towards your apartment door, remote still held tightly in your left hand. The door creaks open, reminding you that you forgot to oil it, again. As your eyes rested wearily on your unexpected visitor, your blurred vision snapped back into focus, as did your mind. Still dressed in his work uniform, standing outside your dimly lit apartment, was none other than, “HANBIN!?” you shriek in surprise. You take a step back, dropping the remote. Why did he have to come here now? He had never been to your apartment and now he’s here while you’re looking like you’re ready to audition for a zombie role in The Walking Dead. A sudden sight of Hanbin’s face in front of your face, and soft, warm lips on your lips shocks you out of your train of thought. You stand still and guiltily let it happen for a second, even considering kissing him back, but eventually your hands found his firm chest and they pushed him away. “Babe, I’m sick.”

“I know,” he whispers, stepping closer. You take another step back.

“You’re going to catch my cold,” you murmur.

“Worth it.”

You look down and bite your lower lip. It was hard to resist Hanbin. His hair, ruffled from a busy night at work, and his pleading puppy eyes were a lethal combination. Your over thinking had again made you let your guard down. You realised this as you felt Hanbin’s arms wrap around you. “Crap”, but you didn’t resist. Instead, you leaned deeply into his chest, inhaling a scent that you could only describe and recognise as ‘Hanbin’, and let your heavy eyelids drop to their base. All your worries and exhaustion drifted away, leaving only you and your boyfriend embracing behind your apartment’s closed doors. “Have you had dinner yet?” asks Hanbin, as he gently pulls away from the embrace. The press of his body lingers on yours. “No, I fell asleep, uh, watching TV.”

Hanbin chuckles. “Well it’s a good thing I thought to bring you this!” He lifts up a plastic bag that, judging by the scent, is filled with fried chicken. At this point, you aren’t sure if you’re more angry at the fact that the smell of fried chicken totally overpowered Hanbin’s familiar scent, or that Hanbin had brought you food that obviously you can’t eat. He catches your scowl that you, frankly, weren’t trying to hide and hastily reassures you “Mandu! Mandu! I brought you dumplings, honey!”

“They don’t smell like dumplings,” you spit out. He stumbles to your table and quickly pulls out from the plastic bag fried chicken, an assortment of condiments, and finally, steamed dumplings. “See, babe? Dumplings!” he smiles cheerfully. You sat yourself next to him, what’s the fried chicken doing there, then? “Oh, that’s mine”, he replies again cheerfully. Your eye twitched in frustration.

“Kim Hanbin, you know I can’t have fried chicken. I’m sick!”

“I know baby,” he replies innocently while opening the box of boneless fried chicken, “This is get well soon food! It’s to motivate you to focus on resting and getting well instead of worrying about work, which I’m sure you’ve been doing.” With that, he proceeds to stuff his mouth with chicken pieces at such a speed that even Bobby couldn’t compete with. You sigh. He’s hopeless. As much as you wanted to point out his flawed logic and terrible method, you refrained, mainly because your stomach began making extraterrestrial noises. So you grabbed a pair of chopsticks and dug in.

“You know today,” you say between mouthfuls, “Yunhyeong texted me. He told me he finished all of those Nivea Cherry Flavoured lip balms you gave him.”

Hanbin finally took a pause from his chicken and cocked his head to you. “He texted you?”

“Yeah,” you said, taking another bite.

“I didn’t know he had your number.”

“We exchanged it last time we met.”

“Oh. That’s cool.”

You turn to look at him, surprised at the attitude you were sensing. He picks up a chicken piece and chews it slowly. “That’s awesome. Great. Wonderful.”

You turn back to your dumplings. “Are you jealous?” you ask casually.

Hanbin stops eating for a second, before beginning to down the chicken again. “Of course not.”

You smiled on the inside (and maybe a little on the outside. It made you feel better than you cared to admit). You straightened up your back and began to reassure him, maybe a little bit too condescendingly. “Babe, it’s fine. We’re just friends. You’ll always be my honey, honey.” He looks up at you suddenly, catching you buy surprise. He stares intently at you for a moment before breaking the silence. “Y/N,  you got a little something on your lips, here.” Without warning he grabs your face lightly and pulls you towards him. You felt the firm pressure of his lips against yours, but this time you didn’t push away. You met his force equally and somewhere between your feelings of love and longing, you tasted fried chicken. After what seemed like the time period of a Big Bang hiatus, you both pulled away. He winked and flashed you a cheeky grin and without a word he went back to demolishing his chicken.

11:00am (the next day)

You reach for your ringing phone. You pick up and hear a croaking voice – “babe, I don’t feel so good.”