So, some days ago while writing I decided to take the playlist I usually use to write fics about this pairing into a website so I could access it either from my computer or my mobile phone. So I thought, why not share it?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Also this is my first contribution to the fandom ;w;

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Check out this playlist on @8tracks: “You did a really good thing…” by Midna Ronoa.

Take my badge.  Captain.

Joining the BSAA gave my life a purpose where there was none.  

It gave me pride in serving the most noble course.  One my parents may never realise, but a path I knew to be my destiny.

It gave me strength knowing my skills as a marksman could protect and cover my comrade.

It gave me hope that my life matters.  If not for the citizens and soldiers I protect, then for my squad, my brothers, my captain.

It gave me light that I am needed, that my presence brings joy to my team and trust to the one man who matters the most.

It gave me a future where there can be peace.  A future where nothing is in vain, a cause that is worth throwing asunder life and limb, hope and dreams.

It gave me partnership with the one man I hope to be. The one man who represents all of humanity’s hopes and salvation.  The one man for whom I will lay down my life for a million times over.

Captain, take my badge, remember me as I was.  Remember all that was good about me.  All that Piers Nivans had meant.  

I did it Captain, for the BSAA

…for the future

…for you.

I am not the first you lost.  I am not the last.  I will join the ranks of my faithful brothers and sisters.  We stand as one on the far side of the sea.  We believe in you, Captain.  My work is done.  I went through heaven and hell to find you and bring you back.  My proudest achievement is to have brought Chris Redfield back, safe and reinstated, and now I, Piers Nivans can rest from the burden of leadership that I almost could not bear.  Believe in yourself, Captain.  As I have believed in you.

You will never know just how much I cared for you. How much strength and comfort I sought behind those broad shoulders and square back.  How I think of you at the evenings and how I vowed I’d do everything to protect you.  How hard I had to control the adrenaline from shaking my trigger arm whenever you go in danger.  

It’s my honour to call you Captain.  Captain.  My Captain.  Farewell.

Take my badge Captain, so you don’t have to hand in yours.  Fight the good fight, for me, for us.  I will keep you safe from the skies and from the seas.  

Take me with you.  

Take me home.


“Take my love, all of me

Take my memories, take my warmth

Take my heart and take my soul

Take me wherever you will go

I love you, with every cell

More than words could ever tell

I must leave you now, but

In your heart will I belong


The last few lines are the chorus of my new song.  I just well up with emotions each time I sing :’(.  Piers you are such a good man.  Can’t wait to share the song with all of you.
Edit: The song is ready-

Beyond the Redfields

It was almost in this moment that Piers felt what it meant to be a Redfield.  

To protect, to preserve, to carry on a legacy of remembrance.  

Of giving, of sacrifice.

Of wielding the sword, of bearing the shield. 

Of taking up arms, of heralding the red cross, of laying the red poppy.  

Chris and Claire are still so young, yet it was as if their destiny had already beckoned.  

A future drenched in red. 

The colour of blood. Of pain. Of horror. Of sin. 

Of sacrifice. Of honour. Of salvation.

He laid prone on the poppy meadow, popping his head on a thoughtful elbow.  He had half a wish that if ever he were to go first, that Chris might be able to scatter his ashes and remember him here.  

Over the fields of poppies red, 

Under the kiss of the firmament blue, 

That I may be crowned in silence dead,

A Redfield through and a Redfield true.

I’ve had this scene in mind for a while.  The Redfield.  A field of poppies.  A field of remembrance.  A field of honor, or memories and goodbyes. I never quite know how to write it, but this is what it is.
Left Behind - theosymphany - Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse) [Archive of Our Own]
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A small flashback is enough to trigger a lasting memory.
The Ultimate Weapon - theosymphany - Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 4/? ‘Pure Devotion’
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‘The Last Weapon’ is the title of a cutscene in RE6 where Infected!Piers was the subject. There has never been a satisfactory explanation why that cutscene was named as such.

The questions are answered in 'The Ultimate Weapon’- the ultimate Piers Nivans rescue and rebuild fanfic. Drawing heavily, and relating as closely as possible upon game lore and data files, this fanfiction explores the events Post RE6 towards the recovery of Piers and his significance in righting the many wrongs of Carla Radames and exploring the many open plot holes left unanswered in the game.

Ch 4.  Alone at the underwater facility, Piers reflects on his feelings for Chris at the last moments between fire, water and the explosion.