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SFX: whirrrrrr 

ELIOT: Ohhh no. 

ELIOT: This was NOT supposed to happen. 

Holy heck, friends… this seems to be the end of the first chapter! There will be a break between this chapter and the beginning of the next, stay tuned for an announcement on that! I’ll try and provide ~bonus content~ to the page between chapters, I’ll ask about that with the update! 

‘lus; ‘nium - guardian angel!jimin x reader 
{aka: I don’t care how fluffy my wings are you can’t use them as a pillow}


“They’ll cramp up…” He whines, head burying in the softness of the pillows below him, refusing to meet your gaze. There’s little in the world Jimin wouldn’t do for you but, with time, he’s found his real weakness lies within your eyes and the way they look at him. Whether they crinkle from a smile, make his heart stutter with adoration, or mischievously pull a favour from him, he’s safe as long as he looks elsewhere, “And you have a pillow right there!”

“But your wings are so soft…” You drag on, and he hears you shift on the bed. Really, he should be used to it by now. But as your fingers delicately trail the length of his back, he stiffens. He can practically feel your radiant smile as you exclaim, “Let me help you relax!”, before he’s huffing a groan when you pounce on his back without further warning.

Your hands are quick to start working on his muscles, diligently kneading the knots from his lower back to his upper, leaving chills in their wake that creep up his spine and leave his lips through escaped hisses. He sighs, sinking further into the bed as he relaxes under your touch – malleable. And as your work further up and up, between his shoulder blades, you feel the twitches of these grow in their frequency, grinning in anticipation until finally-

Y/n!” He whines again, head turned to the side on the pillow. Jimin, however, makes no move to push you off despite the added weight on his back being evident. You’re too busy staring in awe at the snowy feathers. Were he to fully extend them, the expanse of his wings are nearly broad enough to reach opposite walls of the bedroom (you know this because, until he had put on a show for you, you pestered him relentlessly). Like a giddy child, your hand shoots out to grasp a hold of one, intending to be gentle in your motion. The sudden touch is too forward, however, and it causes the angel to flinch, spinning around in a flurry, “Careful, they’re sensitive-”

His eyebrows are knitted, hands holding your waist to stop further movement, but he’s smiling because it’s not the first time this has happened and it likely isn’t going to be the last. Jimin had never seen his wings as anything special – only when he was first given them, before they quickly became part of routine – but your fascination with them served as a source of pride, and he was thankful for that.

“They’re beautiful…” You say, casually, gently caressing one.  

He shivers, smiling up at you with his thumbs rubbing comforting circles upon your waist, “Well, so are you.”

The playful roll of your eyes at the cheesy remark earns a laugh out of him, and you stick your tongue out for good measure. I love your laugh, you’d once said, earning his attention, It’s my favourite sound in the world, you’d concluded with ease, earning his blushing face and a ‘thank you’, “I mean it, though.”

“So do I.” His tone is more sober, unfiltered by laugh and laced with affection. Slowly, Jimin allows his hand to move upwards from your waist, fingers skimming lightly on the skin of your arm, towards your shoulder, before leaning on the curve of your cheek. You lean into the touch with a smile, and he watches as you kiss the palm of his hand. Eyes soft, breathing slow, sheets pooled around you, and the promise of days like these to come. His smile becomes smaller, introverted, shier, but he keeps his eyes on you, watching how you play with his fingers on your own accord. If he could have it his way, this moment would never come to end – and it would play on repeat for however long your existences were meant to last.

But, because it will, with his breath weighed and heart swelling, he whispers,

“I love you.”

‘lus; ‘nium - demon!jungkook, angel!reader

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He wasn’t supposed to intervene and he sure – as Hell - was not supposed to get involved in hunter business, not supposed to feel bad for your kind and he definitely wasn’t supposed to save you from getting those precious, pristine, grandi-fucking-ose wings ripped out of you by someone looking to make a quick but expensive buck.

Jungkook wasn’t kind and he sure – as Hell – wasn’t someone’s saviour, especially not to an angel. The mere thought made his lips curl in disgust.

He sighed, annoyed, hand raising to ease the tension off his temples. Realistically, he was royally screwed.  

Hell wasn’t necessarily strict on border control, so to speak, with rules being fairly lax but the reason for such was obvious: no demon would ever, even in their morally skewed mind, consider bringing one of you down under. Not only were you likely to get killed in the process (he swears angels are like fucking wolves with their pack mentality) but, unless authorised by the Keepers, the demon would face the same fate as the angel – tortured repeatedly, over, and over, and over again in a brutal, excruciating cycle. He wasn’t looking forward to that, and he wasn’t about to let it happen.

Jungkook sighed again, eyes flickering to your unconscious form – suppressing a scoff of indignation at the sight.

There you were, in all your silk-sporting glory, immaculate in your appearance save for the smears of dirt strewn about the cream attire. You looked peaceful and, therefore, you looked out of place. Jungkook would even dare say fragile were he not aware of the beastly power the warriors of your kind possessed. Eyes flicking to your wings, spread out to your side, he found himself staring. He was used to white feathers and hiding from the flashes of the colour, but he’d never encountered gold before. They were a sight to behold, most angels’ were – even if he’d never admit it, even if he couldn’t afford to look at them for too long – and if this place, the one he’d inhabited ever since his untimely death, had finally popped a few screws off his head, he might even say you, yourself, were a beauty of the likes he’d never seen before.

Only when his sight comes into focus again does he notice his outreached hand, towards your feathers, and he freezes- repulsion bubbling up in his stomach, climbing up his throat, before finally making him shoot up from his seat. His chair scrapes the floor in doing do, screeching in protest at the sudden movement, and when – with wide eyes – does he look to the dirty old futon to check if you were disturbed, he’s crashed into the wall before he can take notice of your absence.

Jungkook feels the vicious press of a blade against his throat and a body pressed against his own.  

With this realisation, he knows he’s fucked.  


Basically the entirety of yesterday’s streams! finally got around to posting. 

most of these designs are mine but the bottom left 9 ninjago designs are @transninjacole‘s bc honestly theyre really great character designs & i wanted to draw them ^u^ 

theres a lot of ocs on here, if youre curious about any just ask 

I think they’re up to something …

TITLE: Kofliway Mansion, Robinfox District

ELIOT: We’re clear on this side. 

And here we go!! The art style is a bit rocky for the first half of the chapter; these pages were drawn over the course of around six months, and my style changed a lot between intervals of working. It evens out closer to the end.

Looking for Thranduil? He’s coming soon. He’s only got two chapters left to go. But with all the creepy personal stuff going on I’ve had to move the date again. So, the PUBLIC completion date is May 19. I’m also editing at the same time now so I can send the book ahead of the gathering of Mythcon in July.

TRANSLATION: I want it read by the Mythopoeic Society earlier than originally planned (like months ahead of schedule). Book II: The Saga of Thranduil will be done way ahead of schedule (before 2 years since it began).

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