Cyclone Ian has been moving between the islands of Fiji, Samoa & Tonga over the past few days, currently the cyclone is in Fijian waters, slowly making way to the northern islands of Tonga, the Niuas and Vava'u groups. The cyclone may generate gale force winds, thunderstorms, rough seas and flooding in parts of Tonga in the next 24-48 hours.

Hearts and Prayers go out to our families, our friends and our people who are currently going through Cyclone Ian.

Ofa Lahi Atu ♥️

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Today I decided to tell you all where I’m from! (Well this is my dads side, but eh.) Well, my father was born on a little island next to the main island of Tonga named ‘Eua. His village is ‘Angaha (keep this in mind). I’ve been to ‘Eua and I’ve gotta say that it is way better than the main island SORRY! As you can see on the map ‘Angaha is located near the capital ‘Ohonua. 

Okay, now let’s goo way back to my grandfather. My grandfather otherwise known as “pa” in my family was born on Tonga’s most northerly island, Niuafo’ou. Niua’foou is classified one of the most remote islands in the world! You may also know Niuafo’ou for being known as the ‘Tin can island’. That is because Niua never had a wharf or even a natural harbour, so strong swimmers had to deliver and pick up mail thrown overboard by passing ships in a sealed up tin can. Anywhos, in about 1946-47 the island was evacuated due to a big volcanic erruption which included my grandfather and his family. They all then settled in ‘Eua in the village ‘Angaha. That is why when you go to ‘Angaha in ‘Eua they’re all from Niuafo’ou! Niuafo’ou also has a different language from the basic Tongan language. It is a mix of Tongan and Samoan, (because Niuafo’ou is closer to Samoa than the main island of Tonga.) My fathers side is also a mysterious side, but I love it! My namesake (my grandfathers mother) has New Caledonian and ‘Uvean in her blood, how cool?! 

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