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My first try out of (vegetarian) nabe was a success! I had to calculate European measurements for a smaller portion when the recipe was made basically for a family. It turned out so delicious! My friend’s visiting me this week till Friday, being busy and on the move most of all the days, so I wanted to cook her some food ready when she gets back home at late evening. 

You know what I miss; paintchats. They were so fun! Gather together with other fandom peeps with similar interests and just draw and talk. Draw collabs and horrible doodles and headcanons and shit. THAT was fun! 

You know, my fave treat snack is dried squid.

But I only get it from Japan. Nowhere else.

Until I entered my neighborhood’s Estonian-Russian store and THERE IT WAS THAT FUCKING DRIED SQUID I’VE HUNTED ACROSS THE EUROPE.



LOOK AT ITS HAT! It’s called Tambov Wolf.

I’m tempted to buy this bag just for the design.

EDIT: yatomochi told me “The words under Tombov Wolf say “he’s your comrade” and that cracks me up andjfjssfj”

I remember reading about hole in the ozone layer when I was 8 or 9 the first time. It was mentioned in some paranormal book as a part of a theory that the hole leads either to a different dimension (offering a wormhole to aliens) or even all the way to Hell.

My initial mental image of this ozone layer hole was a dark, completely black hole just looming over a cloudy, grey sky; very menacing and eerie and no one knew what it was or where it leaded.

Of course, the odd paranormal kid which I was, I was just eager to get to see this thing myself, and also worried when no one had really investigated it properly. What if it started to cause troubles? What if someone wondered in it and ended up to hell? Perhaps they wouldn’t be able to get back home. Why people weren’t warned of this obviously dangerous black hole and why people let it just to loom over North Pole just like that? What if angry aliens got through it? Where they using it for alien abductions which I had also read a lot about?

Thinking that all now, the unnatural, unknown black hole in the sky would make a good horror story setting.

Ah, my boss is most great. I’m making roll-ups for us and she’s all “COMIC STYLE, MAKE IT LIKE MODESTY BLAISE, NO FANCY BUSINESS THING BUT WHAM BAM PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!” (Our company is business and marketing and she hates all typical business nonsense visuals)

She’s so happy with my current suggestion of the roll up visuals that she decided we’ll change ALL our visuals similar to it and make visuals have “more balls” like she put it.

And I’m here like “Boss, you know, I could give our visuals more balls if we combined Modesty Blaise meets Sin City meets Tsutomu Nihei with strong contrasts and wide flat black areas ~ :3c”

Let’s see what she says. I have a feeling she’ll agree with me, as she respects my artistic eye. 

Playing around with tattoo ideas for the next birthday and Nihei’s artwork would make a killer ¾ half-sleeve!

(I know, photoshop doesn’t tell the  truth but it’s only a good for some basic idea, I’ve worked in a tattoo shop lol)

I found a special cloth for bathroom cleaning  and polishing. I cleaned my bathroom with it and what an utterly satisfying feeling it is when taps shine so brightly you can look your reflection from them; all thanks to that one cloth.

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Those who have been asking about the cloth; is Clas Ohlson (Swedish brand) set of 4 different microfiber cloths:

Some of you might know how I recently had a dream of Buddha and Kuan Yin protecting my pathway. I also stumbled across of Kuan Yin in my sister’s apartment, where she has her statue.

Last night, when I couldn’t sleep and I stayed up till 5am, I meditated. I was shown my journey – whether it’s figurative or literal – and at one point a certain are on Japan’s map was showed to me. I didn’t know what cities or towns are there, so I checked the area out this morning. Trying to figure out what the city would be, I came in a conclusion that I was shown Sendai. I had no idea of Sendai so I went to google some photos to see what kind of a city it is.

In Sendai, there’s Japan’s tallest statue and one of the world’s tallest statues.

It’s Kuan Yin.

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Now I’m trying to figure out what Kuan Yin is trying to tell me (compassion is her most well-known theme), so I will dig into more of stories of her to see what kind of a deity she is.

I’m trying out different home made salad options (including dressings)! If you have any fave salad, send me its recipe. I’d love to try it if I can get the ingredients from here :3 

Only things I don’t eat are crops (including breads, noodles, corn, rice), tomato and cucumber, as crops aren’t good for my health, cucumbers are MEh and tomatoes have been HELL NO ever since I was born. 

Oh and root vegetables are okay in small portions so potato salad itself is nope :’DDD

I stumbled across a man in a spiritual group who thought I’d be an easy flirt target. Confronted him (he was very passive-aggressive, trying to make everything as MY FAULT when I told him I’m not looking for a man) and reported him to both admins. The group is not meant to hunt women but talk about spiritual things and find friends with common interests. 

Oh boy. He had no idea where he ended up to. You don’t mess with Niu. 

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