niu rant

It’s 8am, can’t sleep and all I can think of is how much more depressive the plot and the end of FFXV feels after Prompto DLC.

Here I thought the game couldn’t make me dislike the bad writing and story telling even more. After just playing FFX through, FFXV feels even more horribly wrong. There was potential. All lost. Noctis was handled unfairly. His loved ones did nothing to try to save him.

I want FFXV-2 where the boys go look for Noctis and somehow find and get him back, just like Yuna left to look for disappeared aka dead Tidus.

Okay kids, many of you are worried if you are good workers enough when you hit the job markets. If you have the needed skills, education ect. in your pocket. There are, however, 2 things I can’t stress you enough, which are extremely important in a working environment:

1. Communication
2. Reaching dead lines

First, open communication; let people know how you are doing, if there will be delays, if you are unavailable a few days, how are you doing with the project and what needs to be done. Even if you’d get brushed aside, communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate!

Second, reaching dead lines. Dead lines are there for a reason. Either the project can’t go on until you’ve done your part, or the results have been promised to a client by a certain date. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO THE THING TILL DEAD LINE. If you aren’t given enough time, tell the boss. If the boss doesn’t listen to you, they’re shit. Any good boss knows that taking care of their workers will pay itself back triple by motivated workers, who love to work for you.

These also include school work. At school you might be able to slip through with these, but at job markets you soon get a bad reputation and you can stain also your employer’s reputation.

Little example: I’m currently working in a company who dispatches assistants to other companies to help them with overflowing work, mostly in sales, business and in marketing. 

We just got an angry notice from HR-manager, because majority of our workers don’t reach the dead lines (with plenty of time given) nor do they communicate with others. Our clients are pissed off when the dead line has went flying by weeks ago. It gives a bad reputation to us, which means less work for everyone.

I also asked everyone in our company to write down 7 good things about them and gave them a week of time to do this. Nothing difficult, just tell what you can do (like programs, languages ect.) and do it till Monday, because the project I’m on can’t go on until the 7 good things are given to me by everyone.

It’s Sunday. From 25 workers only 4 have done the assignment. I need all of them till Monday. I need to translate them also in English. I have send out multiple notifications about it, with no response. Some have said they need help and I have helped them out (because it’s my job). Only 2 persons did this assignment themselves. All grown up people. No one’s that busy they couldn’t sit down for 5 minutes to write the list or send me a message in 2 minutes saying “I need more time/I need help/I didn’t understand this assignment”.

YOU JUST DON’T DO THINGS LIKE THIS IN WORKING ENVIRONMENT. You just don’t. At school it might be passable (though in project works you are a little shit if you leave others in trouble). 

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KIDS, SPEAK UP AND MEET THE DEAD LINES. Seriously. You have no idea in how many places I’ve been praised ONLY because I did the given assignment till the given dead line, like it was something rare and remarkable. I think it’s a normal working ethics. 

Being psychic sometimes feels like being artist; you have this awesome skill, we want you to use it for us for free or with pocket money fees. No people no, this is my part-time job, I’m earning part of my living with it. I need to eat too and I’m not selling my free time away with a few coins. 

There’s a huge taboo that if you are a healer or psychic or medium of any sort, you should work for free or with as less money as possible. For me this is profession like any other I have done and I need to be paid for the work I do. If I want to give reading for free it’s because I want to do it personally - same thing with art; if I draw something for someone I did it because I wanted to do it. Not because I’d be entitled to do it all of the time just because I happen to know how some thing is done.

Returning back to Finland and seeing the prices is always a shock. Like a small box of cherries, 4,5 euro (instead of 1 pound [equal to 1,30 euro] at London). Sending a 600g present parcel the cheapest way possible to Japan, 25 euro (instead of Germany’s 5 euro). 800g bag of frozen prawns, 11 euro. Small 250g bag of frozen shrimps, 5 euro. 

You’d think we had nice salaries with these prices, but we don’t. 

What saddens me the most is the fact that most likely I won’t be able to send birthday presents or Christmas presents to anyone, not inside Finland or outside… So, I apologize this in advance! I will send at least a card to you..!