niu drawings


Hello Internet, it has been way too long. I think the last time I posted anything was back in October of 2012. That’s almost 9 months of inactivity for me. I really need to get better at my update consistencies! Much has happened since 2012 but the biggest thing that happened to me, to which I throw part of responsibility for lack of internet presence (main reason is I’m a lazy butt!), is that I got hired to work on Legend of Korra at Nickelodeon as a Background Designer! It was quite a lot to take in at first, from re-learning Photoshop shortcuts on Macs to getting over the fan-boy phase, and just the fact that there are so many talented and hard working artists around me, it’s truly an inspiration everyday. Right now I’m working on lots and lots of background drawings for the upcoming seasons of Korra so I really hope everyone will get to see them soon! Everyday at work, I get to draw tones of architectures and terrains and all the sweet background stuff I enjoy drawing. But if I draw just the Backgrounds all the time I eventually get tired. So in order to keep my drawing palette fresh and boost my productivity, I’ve been doodling lots of characters. some from Korra, some from other shows and games I like. It’s a bit unorganized but I guess that’s the upside of light-hearted doodling! It worked out conveniently for me because I’ve always wanted to explore outside of my focus in environment design. So I guess it’s one stone two birds for me! Here’s a small compilation of sketches I did over my time at Nick. I think for a while, I’ll try to posting doodles like these so you know I’m alive, and hopefully enjoy the doodlenoodles! 


More Free! marine biology au doodles. Nagisa trying to make Haru forgive that he has scared his mate away with the shota yelling - too many times. Things are pretty bad when even the mackerel can’t soothe Haru’s hurt feelings. Nagisa desperately wants to befriend with the orca type merman Makoto!

Nagisa and Rei lately discovered that the mermen Haru and Makoto (both named by them) have a special favourite spot at the shallow warm water for sleeping. It is usually the taller Makoto who serves as the sleeping place for Haru, but seemingly he never minds about it.