nitschieh's life

Things 3rd graders have said today:
- *staring at me* “Have you ever tried looking into someone’s soul?” -“I don’t think I have.” -“I once succeeded with my mom. Her pupils got all wide.”
- “I’ve got a Gatling Gun rattle back in my bagpack.”
- “I can make my brother cry. He’s 16.”

News on the camp:
During volleyball i befriended a Japanese female, the whole group followed soon after.
Through interaction i came to know that three females play volleyball at school; they also let me know about their names and i informed the only brunette female, named Riko, that i enjoy a thing called anime and that i would remember her name by thinking of a certain basketball coach. She then informed me that while she herself does not enjoy the activity of playing basketball, her favorite is Midorima. I also let them know about my limited knowledge in their language and recognised one female’s name, Midori, as the color green…