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Raisin (Barry Allen x Reader)

Prompt: After having a baby the reader is high on anesthesia.   


Warning: none

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Barry’s POV

“Barry! Oh my god, it’s happening!” I hear my wife, Y/N, as she comes down from the stairs, holding her baby bump.

“What’s happen-wait…you are going into labor, aren’t you!? Oh my god.” I stand in front of her, smiling in excitement. The baby was due last week but since nothing had happened, we went back home against the doctor’s recommendation; Y/N didn’t like hospitals at all.

“Barry this is not the time to check me out, I am having a baby, remember?” She crosses her arms in front of her chest and picks up the car keys. A little groan escaped her lips from the immense pain she was feeling.

“What are you doing? You are not driving.”

“But you drive too fast.” She laughed a little, but it soon turned into another groan.

“You are having a baby, this is not the time to argue about who is driving.” I take the keys out of her hand and use my speed to gently place her in the car, then I strapped on her seat belt. I put the keys in the engine and start the car. I try to avoid the busy roads, and roads that have a lot of bumps, but it seems nearly impossible.

“Barry, I know I said you drove too fast but now I need you to step on it a little.” I laugh and speed up a little more. I hold her hand as she breathes in and out slowly.

“If you can, call Joe, Iris, Cisco and Caitlin. Let them know to meet us there.” I turn to see her holding the phone, already dialing them. She grunted and groaned in pain every once in awhile, which only made me want to get her to the hospital even faster. After a semi-long drive, we made it to the emergency room. I held her soft tensed hand as she was being pushed around on a wheelchair to her delivery room.

“Mr. Allen, would you like to come inside the room? But just a warning people sometimes get squeamish,” the nurse asked as they place Y/N in her bed.


“It’ okay, Barry. I’ll be fine. They are giving me some anesthesia. I’ll see you after, okay?”

“Okay,” I walk over to the side of her bed and place a small kiss on her cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

It has been a couple of hours and we still haven’t heard anything from the doctors. I was freaking out, me and Y/N kept the gender of the baby a surprise. So I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the room later.

“Hey, Barry. You are shaking your leg at a not-a-normal-human-being speed.” Caitlin points out as she sits down next to me. I look down and immediately stop, letting out a long sigh. I stand up and look around for a sign of her doctor, Dr. Tennant.

“What is taking them so long?” I ask to nobody specifically. Joe takes my seat and sighs, looking at me.

“You need to calm down, Barry. She is going to be fine,” Joe says.

“Hey guys, Cisco and I brought you some coffees.” Iris says as she and Cisco hand each of us our cups and stands next to me.

“Nothing yet?” she asks, but before I could answer, Dr. Tennant walks into the waiting room, filling out some papers by the front desk.

“Dr. Tennant!” I run over to him and hear Joe, Iris, Cisco and Cait running behind me. “How is she? Can we go in now?”

“Mrs. Allen, right? She is more than fine but I will suggest waiting an hour or so before you go in; she still has a lot of nitrous oxide in her system so she is a little out of it.” He smiles and turns to walk away, but I stop him and give him a pleading look, “But if you insist.”


“So is the baby in the room with her?” I ask as we followed the doctor down the long busy hallway of the hospital. He looks down at his clock and nods.

“They always give the baby a shower and check if everything is okay while the mother rests. Then they bring in the baby, so the baby should be there.” He makes a turn to the left and stops in front of a white metal door. I can hear Y/N’s sweet laugh through the door and when the doctor opens the door, I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

“Barry, come quick! Meet our son, he looks like a human raisin.” she says as she bursts into a fit of laughter. I can feel myself smile more and more as I walk over to her. She had her hair all over the place and it looked kind of wet too. Her eyes were full of happiness as she looked down at our baby in her arms.

“It’s a boy?” I whisper and wipe a tear that escaped my eye. She raises him up a little with shaky hands and passes him to me. He was so small in my arms. He had my nose and y/n’s eyes. I rocked him slightly for a few seconds but I felt a presence behind me.

“My boy has his own boy now, huh?” Joe says, smiling proudly, ”May I?”

“Of course, Grandpa West.” He sends a playful glare at me and picks the baby boy up from my arms and carefully holds him. Iris walks over to him to see the baby and smiles down at him.

“Yeah, have you told Caitlin about the names we had?” Y/N asks, smiling but looking a bit distant. She obviously still had some of the anesthesia gas in her system. Cisco walked over to the baby and murmurs something about Y/N being right and ‘it looks like a raisin’.

“No, you want to tell her?” Y/N laughs and shakes her head yes excitedly.

“Tell me what?” She walks over to the other side of Y/N’s bed, looking at us with a puzzled and curious look.

“If the baby would have been a girl, we were going to name her Nora, and if the baby was a boy, we were going to name him Ronnie.” Her speech was slurred but understandable.

“Oh my god, guys. That means so much to me.” Caitlin smiles and covers her face, hugging Y/N. Y/N hugged her back and, when they let go, she looked at Caitlin confused.

“Caitlin, why are you crying?” She looks over at me and frowns. “Did Barry say something mean?”

“No, he didn’t,” Caitlin said, laughing a little as she wiped a tear with her shirtsleeve. “I’m just insanely happy you are naming the baby Ronnie. It means a lot to me.”

“Who told you?! It was suppose to be a surprise.” She looks from me to Caitlin with a pouty and angry look. Caitlin laughs and looks behind me at Joe who was still carrying little Ronnie.

“Can I carry him?” Caitlin asks, jumping up and down a little from excitement and joy. I nodded and Joe passed him to her. I grab Y/N hands and kiss them. She smiles at the gesture and then looks at Caitlin with wide tired eyes.

“Is that my baby?” We all laugh and say yes. She stands up straighter and looks at the baby and smiles. “He looks like a raisin.”

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2017 FD will be a historic year for the sport, as it is being adopted by the FIA, and as such, will adopt a more “traditional” set of rules.

•All vehicles must be of the model year 2014 or newer
•All vehicles must use the same 4.7-liter Chevrolet/Nissan developed naturally aspirated V8, but are allowed to modify said engine to suit their needs.
•Minimum power of the engine is 1001hp/1300lb-ft of torque.
•Suspension height will be limited to at least 8-inches of ground clearance in the front, and 5in in the rear. Positive camber in the rear.
•No “wall taps, bumper kissing, or reverse entries.”
•Judging will be primarily based on who has the fastest cornering speed.
•"360 Entries, Reverse Entries, and passing are not allowed under any circumstance.“
•Liveries must contain only neon colors (red, green, yellow, etc.) so that the cars are visible in the tire smoke.
•Special tires have been developed by Federal tire to be used exclusively in Formula Drift by all teams, these revolutionary new tires maximize smoke while drifting, and have minimal grip.
•Nitrous-Oxide systems are mandatory for competition.
•XXR is the OFFICIAL wheel supplier of Formula Drift! All vehicles must be equipped with XXR Wheels.

As you can see, under new ownership, the changes to Formula Drift will be as painless as possible, and should be comfortable to all participating and spectating.