they say that thirty meters down in the ocean, a diver loses his senses, forgets which way is up, and swims deeper and deeper and deeper down. they say it’s like being drunk (or stupid) (or maybe some of each) to get dizzy in a dark place and stay, to forget the thing that’s trying to kill you and follow it.

and i am always thirty meters under. it is always dark and i am always forgetting to breathe, always forgetting that you are the thing to escape from. this is the midnight zone they warned you about, i am too deep in to go back up.

—  rapture of the deep || sarah kate o.

Nitration of a methoxybenzoic acid. 

The tricky party is that the reaction starts at 45 °C, it is highly exothermic, uses high excess of nitric acid and it should be kept at maximum 40 °C. So what happens? Instant overreaction. 

If this is not bad enough, the yield of the preferred nitro compound is only 10-15% and a LOT nitrous fumes forms during the reaction as seen on the pictures. 

Interesting part is that the gas bubbler contained some water and the formed dinitrogen trioxide is being dissolved in it forming a blue solution. N2O3 is the anhydride of the unstable nitrous acid (HNO2), and produces it when mixed into water. However when it is in high concentrations, it stays in N2O3 form for a while and could be observed, just as in this case. 

If a base is added, the corresponding salt of nitrous acid could be formed:

N2O3 + 2 NaOH → 2 NaNO2 + H2O

  • Lance: What happens to nitrogen when the sun rises?
  • Shiro: Idk???
  • Lance: It becomes daytrogen
  • Shiro: ... I'm going to bed
  • Pidge: Good nitrogen
  • Hunk: Sleep tightrogen
  • Keith: Don't let the bed bugs biterogen
You deserve it

You are strong for getting out of bed in the morning when it feels like hell… you are brave for doing things even though they scare you or make you anxious. And you are amazing for holding on no matter how hard life gets. So I hope you are proud of yourself. You deserve it.