nitro snowboarding


“I could go for a pork chop sandwich right now." 

These words were said on a extremely cold morning, not too long ago. We had one more climb to go to get into the sun. But, at that moment we needed food, and we had to stop to put energy into our tanks. The super 8 was frozen and so were my toes. The glorious sun would soon warm us up as we were rewarded with a couple deep powder laps in this amazing place we call Montana.

Nitro Movie 2012 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

Lets be honest, music is not where is used to be, actually it is quit disappointing.  While I have had Asher Roth and The Weeknd on replay, and by no means am I complaining, there needs someone new stepping up or just better music on a regular bases because good music is to rare these days.  Seg-Way into he video above, where you can’t go wrong with some high quality H20, wait no I mean high quality snowboard footage. Enjoy this full length film by NItro Snowboards!