Finding Clear had been as much as a surprise as Ren, and ignoring him had been just as much of an option. Not because Mink considered him a loose end, but because he was in the way. The robot smelled of nothing. Not bolts or gears or oil. No synthetic scent. Just emptiness. Mink was sure he had a fragrance before, something light and clean.

Hey ahmerst, think the Harley would gain sentience without Tori if Clear gets reused as spare parts? And come to think of it, this is the third different way I’ve had Clear die. How many can you come up with?

Slacking off drawing with more drawing. Done for this project, tossed a coin to decide between Konoe and Asato. My favourite N+C game is Lamento, but I find DMMD more fun to draw for. Oddly enough, I guess the Lamento canon was so satisfying to me that there’s little desire to do anything with it.

Please don’t use this for themes or whatnot. I just had to report uncredited reposts of my stuff the other day.