Freshuary Day 27 — THANK YOU: Let’s all appreciate @loverofpiggies! Draw her & Fresh together in any way you want!

Welp, I let him drag the others along because why the heck not?

@loverofpiggies, thank you for the amazing characters you create and engrossing stories you tell. Can’t speak for everyone, but those definitely make my days a lot brighter! So thank you for every smile these guys — and not only these ones — bring!

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Compliments - Evgeni Malkin (PT Diaries, Episode 2)

Requested by anons: Do you think you would continue the imagine Newbie with the entire team but eventually it ends up with you in a relationship with Evgeni ??

Part 2 for the Malkin one?

I would love a PT diaries- I think that would be such a cool series! Also, if you were to develop a romance, it would definitely help to have time together before going all in

I loved your Newbie Malkin so much! I hope you decide to add more to it!

A/N: I’m blown away by how much feedback I got from this. I’m really excited about the whole series; I want to write episodes with everyone on the team and make it a whole story where you need to read everyone’s episode to keep up (does that make sense?). Anyways, I hope I get just as much feedback as I did on the last one. Thanks for the support! 

Word count: 1198

Warnings: nope, nope, nope. But READ EPISODE 1 FIRST.

Episode 1

Master list

Originally posted by nhl-canes

“Good morning, (y/n)” I hear a thick accented voice coming from the door.

“Morning, Evgeni” I answer, grabbing some therapy supplies from the shelves.

“Geno” he corrects me and I turn around to look at him. He is leaning on the doorframe, wearing black shorts and a tight t-shirt.

“Geno” I finally agree, “ready?”

He nods and walks towards the mat I have laid of him on the floor. He is clearly limping and I frown.

“You are limping” I say and he looks at me in confusion.

“Excuse me, what?” he asks, sitting on the floor.

“You are walking funny” I try to explain to him.

“Oh yeah. It hurt” he just says and I give him a quick nod.

We start with easy exercises to warm up his knee. He hisses from time to time, but he doesn’t let out a complaint and keeps listening to my instructions and following them as good as he can.

“You good?” I ask him and he gives me a quick nod, his t-shirt soaked with sweat, “don’t lie to me, Geno”

He chuckles at my warning and sits up on the mat before I help him stand.

“You aren’t menacing, (y/n)” he comments and I roll my eyes, “I’m good, but it hurt a lot”

“Let me know if it hurts even more” I command and he looks at me before nodding.

We use rubber bands on the next exercises and I’m pretty sure Geno is on edge by the end of them. I guide him to the stationary bikes on the very far end of the room. He sits and starts pedaling way too fast for his knee.

“Hey, hey, hey… take it easy, Geno” I say, putting my hand on his shoulder and squeezing a little.

“The harder I go the faster I’ll get bett…”

“The faster you’ll make it worse” I cut him and he shuts up, slowing down his movements.

We settle into a comfortable silence. I control his heart rate and speed while he focuses on keeping a steady rhythm. I decide to let him go as long as he can, but when his muscles start to cramp I make him slow down gradually until he finally stops.

“Good job, Geno” I compliment him and he gives me a shy smile, “lay down on the massage table”

He looks at me for a second, trying to figure out if I’m being serious or not. He has a ligaments injury, not fixable with massages.

“Your muscles are going to ache a lot” I explain, putting a hand on his chest and pushing him to the table I set up before he got here, “I’m just going to relieve the tension so they don’t cramp badly”

He doesn’t seem convinced, but does what I tell him and lays down on his back. I’m about to ask him to pull up the legs of his shorts, but he reads my mind and does it before I can even open my mouth.

“Thanks” I say shyly.

“You are welcome” he responds.

I pour some oil on my hand and start massaging his healthy legs. His thighs are rock hard and I need to use a lot of strength to work on them. I’ve always loved giving massages; feeling how the muscles relax under your hands and how they flex when you press a certain spot.

“So… did you tell the guys about me?” I wonder, running my hands up and down the sides of his thigh, working on unknotting his quadriceps.

“I did. They were pleased” he answers, turning his face to look at me, “everyone but Sidney”

“Why?” I frown and he chuckles. The hand that was working on the interior of his thigh stops at the edge of what would be uncomfortable and the other one goes up to his hipbone and down again.

“I said that you were pretty and he said that I wasn’t unba…unbe…unbi…” he stumbles at his English.

“Unbiased?” I try to help him and he nods.

“That. He said that he needed a second opinion” he sounds quite offended and I laugh.

“I’m sure that the second opinion will say that I’m not that pretty and that you are just too nice” I move to the injured leg and he hisses when I apply some pressure to the spot right above his knee, “sorry”

“You American women always do that” he mutters and I give him a quizzically look, “instead of accepting a compliment you try to tell us that we are blind”

He seems annoyed and I worry for a second that I have actually offended him. I keep working on his leg, trying to be as gentle as possible, as I think about what my next sentence is going to be.

“And what do Russian women do?” I settle for trying to figure what he thinks it’s the right thing to do.

“They say ‘thank you’ and act confident. Men love confidence” he explains to me, moving his hands, trying to make me understand his point of view.

“Okay… I’ll give it my best shot” I promise and he nods.

“Good” he says and he looks quite pleased with himself.

“So, you think the guys will like me?” and I sound so unconfident that he gives me a dirty look.

“We are family. You will be family soon”

I stay quiet, thinking about what he has said. I have wanted to work with the Penguins since I was thirteen and decided that I wanted to be a physical therapist after my brother broke half of the bones on his leg after a car crash. He had needed therapy, intensive one, and I’d gone with him and hold his hand while he did his exercises.

By the time I’m done with his legs I’m sweating and my hands ache pretty bad. Geno’s legs are stronger than any of the body parts I had had to work on before.

“Let’s ice the knee for a little while and then you can go” I inform him, repeating the same ritual as yesterday, grabbing the ice pack and two bottles of water from the small fridge on the room.

He sits on the massage table and scots over to give me space to sit. I secure the ice around his knee and then hop on besides him.

“How do you feel about going for a little run tomorrow?” I ask, opening my bottle of water and taking a sip.

“Whatever you feel it’s best”

“You did quite good today, but I still think you are keeping how much it hurts from me”

“It isn’t that bad” he assures me and I give him a look, but don’t say anything.

After five minutes I remove the ice pack from his limb and help him down.

“Take some ibuprofen if it hurts a lot and ice it before going to sleep” I instruct him and he smiles, walking towards the door.

“See you tomorrow, beautiful” and I choke on the water I’m drinking

“I…” he cuts me off.

“We’ll work on it” he says and I shake my head, a smile playing on my lips.


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Freshuary Day 15 — THE FAMILY: Who would Fresh consider his family? People? His parasites? Hmmm…

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