I couldn't get this out of my head.

“Ugh. Of course the plastics are all in the same Gym class.”

“Who are the plastics?”

“They’re teen royalty. If Iwatori was JPNweekly, they would always be on the cover.”

“The blonde one, that’s Nagisa. He is one of the dumbest boys you will ever meet”

“He raced next to Nitori last semester.”

“he asked me how to spell ‘Breaststroke.’”

“The one with the big muscles, that’s Makoto.”

“He knows everyone’s business. He knows everything about everybody. That’s why his muscles are so big. They’re full of secrets!”


//scary music// “And evil takes a dolphin form in Nanase Haruka.”

“Now don’t be fooled. He may seem like you’re typical selfish backstabbing slut-faced merman.. but in reality he is so much more.”

“He’s the king.”

“Those others.. they’re just his little workers.”