Both Teams & Gou & Kisumi: As Eggs
  • Haruka:Wet egg.
  • Makoto:Sweet egg.
  • Nagisa:Cracked egg.
  • Rei:Smart egg.
  • Rin:Hot egg.
  • Sousuke:Cold egg.
  • Nitori:White egg.
  • Momotaro:Rotten egg.
  • Seijuro:Boss egg.
  • Gou:Cute egg.
  • Kisumi:Ostrich egg.

THE CHASE part 1

Police!Rin AU, set several years in the future. Ships acknowledged: mostly Rintori, implied Reigisa and Makoharu.

5,545 words

*Disclaimer, I neither own Free! nor do I have any real knowledge of police workings (interrogation techniques, raid tactics, etc.)

Rated T for Rin’s potty mouth.

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“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Rin muttered through his donut.

“We caught him, Deputy Matsuoka, the mob boss.”

“So you’re telling me that little blue-eyed pipsqueak in the interrogation room runs the entire Black Market in Iwatobi?”

“That’s for you to confirm, come,” the officer motioned, “Sheriff Yamazaki requested your presence.”

Rin took another bite of his donut, letting it stick out of his mouth as he followed the newbie.

The sheriff, Sousuke Yamazaki, leaned casually against the doorframe of the interrogation room. He perked up the moment Rin’s bobbing red head came into view.

“There you are Rin,” he held out a manilla folder, “this one’s all yours.”

“You’re interrupting my break,” Rin deadpanned through the donut.

“Come on, have you seen this kid? It’ll be a piece of cake,” Sousuke plucked the donut from Rin’s mouth. “you’ll be back at your desk before your coffee gets cold.”

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panda-bitch-aru asked:

I was wondering if you could do boops with Samezuka and the Iwatobi team? Thank you! :D

hehe this is cute I’m assuming you mean like *boop* on the nose or something. Hope you like it~!

Haruka: He had been nuzzling his face into his partner’s neck like he did constantly, making them giggle and blush. He loved hearing them laugh, it was like music to his ears. They suddenly pulled away from him a bit and looked him in the eye before touching their finger to his nose. *boop* he stared at them for a moment before going back to cuddling into them, now with a tiny blush on his face. They were so cute sometimes.

Makoto: He was spooning his s/o on the couch, watching a movie when they suddenly turned around to face him with a serious expression on their face. “W-what’s wrong Y/N?” he asked worriedly. They shook their head, maintaining eye contact, and slowly reached a hand up toward his face. He closed his eyes and his grip on their waist tightened a bit, not knowing what they were doing was freaking him out. When he felt a finger on his nose he opened his eyes. “boop.” His cheeks grew red as he realized that there was nothing at all to worry about; just his partner being adorable.

Nagisa: He was jumping on the bed, trying to wake his s/o up one morning. “Wake uuup~ Y/N~” He would sing-song, trying to get their attention. “We’re gonna go to the beach!” He let out a yell as a hand shot out from the blanket and wrapped around his ankle, pulling him down onto the bed. He laughed when he saw his partner glaring at him from under the covers. The same hand that had grabbed his ankle then reached up to his nose and gave it a tiny tap, “boop” they said, their voice muffled by the blanket. Nagisa laughed and cuddled with them the rest of the day.

Rei: He had been studying with his partner one day, but he knew they weren’t really paying attention to the material at hand. He would glance up to find them already looking at him, instead of at the work sheets and books in front of them. When he was finally about to lift his head for the fourth time and tell them that the had to focus, his face was met with a finger on his nose. “booop” he blushed, pushed up his glasses and looked back down at his work. “Too cute…” He mumbled.

Rin: His s/o had come to swim practice like they did sometimes. They ran up to him in front of all his underclassmen while he was telling them what they would be doing that day. They stood next to him with their chest puffed out and their chin held him, exaggeratedly mimicking how he looked as the Samezuka coach. Finally, with a light blush on his cheeks he sent his team to the pool, pulling his partner off to the side with him. Before he could tell them that they had to wait until he was done giving orders before they could come talk to him, their pointer finger was on his nose, giving it a tiny push “boop.” His face burst into a deep shade of red just as a few of his teammates were coming over to him. He cleared his throat and turned to them to answer their questions, earning smirks from both of the boys seeing their captains face all red.

Sousuke: Him and his s/o were walking home from school when he offered to buy them an ice cream. They had ordered and received their cones and were back to walking home when his partner suddenly stopped in their tracks. He stopped a few steps ahead of them and looked back at them. “What’s up?” He asked, taking a step toward them. They looked up at him with a tiny smirk and suddenly, ice cream was smeared across his nose. A look of shock crossed his face for a moment before he shoved his finger into his ice cream and smeared it across their cheek for revenge.

Aiichirou: Aii and his partner had an ongoing war going on where whenever they would see each other they would boop eachother’s noses. Whoever touched the others nose first got a point. They would constantly show up to swim practice, asking Rin to keep quiet that they were there, and sneak up on Aii to boop his nose. They would tap him on the shoulder lightly and just as he was turning around they would touch a finger to his nose. “boop! Another point for me~” They would say, while he blushed lightly and pouted.

Momotarou: *Boop* *boop* *boop* His partner repeatedly booped his nose while he was telling them about something that happened at swim practice earlier. “Y/N~ Let me finish my story~ c’mon!” He whined as they continued to push on his nose. “It’s so cute though….” They said quietly and did it again. “What? Your nose is way cuter!” He said as he began poking their nose back. They went back and forth, insisting that the other one had a cuter nose, and it only ended when someone was accidentally poked in the eye.

Seijuro: He took his s/o swimsuit shopping. He took about twenty suits into the changing room with him and told them to wait outside and tell him how they looked (or they could come in with him). He repeatedly slid open the curtain, showing off each one of the swimsuits, earning either applause or dissatisfied grunts from his partner. Finally, when they had decided they were bored and hungry and ready to go home to cuddle, they stood directly in front of the curtain and waited for him to pull it open. When he did, wearing yet another swim suit, he was greeted by his s/o standing right in front of him with their finger on his nose. He chuckled and booped their nose back, mumbling a low “boop” before leaning in and kissing them on the lips.

lol Sousuke’s wasn’t really a *boop but I kinda like it anyways. Hope you liked it friend!