nito the first of the undead

[4/4] Enstars - 2D☆STAR vol.3 - Ra*bits Interview

Released in March 2016. This is part of a series of long interviews with each unit that started in the first volume of 2D☆STAR. Previously interviewed units: Trickstar, fine, UNDEAD, and Ryuseitai.

Q: Firstly, please introduce yourselves♪

Nazuna: My name is Nazuna Nito, a third-year, class B. I’m a member of Ra*bits, and also the leader.

Mitsuru: First-year, class B. I’m Mitsuru Tenma ya…you know. I am a member of Ra*bits, ya…you know.

Tomoya: Mitsuru, what’s with the “you know”? You end your sentences with “yanno,” right?

Mitsuru: Uugh Tomo-chan, you’re a bully, yanno. I’m trying to be more polite by pronouncing the words properly, yanno. I don’t want you to make a fool out of me, yanno. Hmph, hmph!

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