Birds of America 7"

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Birds of America for all intents and purposes is the musical project of graphic artist Nathaniel Russell ( This would easily explain the great minimalist design of the packaging. The record is a limited edition of 300 numbered 7"s with three different color versions of the cover blue, black, and green. The jackets are hand stamped and spraypainted with what looks to be some handwritten text which would be an immense project for 300 copies. Beyond the info on the jacket all the info I can find on the band is that the 7" was recorded in the winter of 2010/11. Contained in the grooves of this mysterious bands 7" are 2 lovely lo-fi folk pop songs. “Nitewalker” contains some of the more charming lyrics I’ve heard in awhile including the incredible line “we don’t wear our shoes to sleep… so that we step lightly through our dreams.”  This record will probably fly far under the radar so don’t miss out on it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED….

NOW I SEE IT by Birds Of America

NITEWALKER by Birds Of America