Anamanaguchi - My Skateboard Will Go On

I Fucking love thos song *————*

missing my old genius Musical creation West of Thames

So i was searching through the computer today and came across my last music i did before kinda stopping and moving onto rap which was kinda not as fun as making real music instead of just saying words . i sometimes sang but most the time just played the keyboards  My style was very nintendocore Mixed with a bunch of more influences such as japanther , Bubble gum octopus , Fetus Feast . Myriad Burial . Henry Homesweet and many more . My music was unique and i miss it and truley thinking of investing into a new keyboard and start getting back with the West of thames Project that i miss so damn much check it out

The music i created was just pureley for the love of making music . the feeling you get when you create something so pure and something so unique it kinda gives you chills and it makes you feel like a genius . ive been in many bands as my days started

back in grade 9 or ten with a freind who played the drums named brandon and later we found a bass player dexeter and we created Damaged Remains A Real Greasy metal band loud is how we played and we hdded in are guitarist jesse we played one live show without the guitarist due to some sickness and then after that show and playing infront of about 30 people that dident even like metal we impressed em . then music kinda stopped and i just played for fun made a few odd jame bands with freinds nothing serious till Me and my freind doug coleman started one of the grimest Mix of Music possible As We Called Areself Bud named after a bearded dragon that doug owned after that We formed it into Blinded under disaster so BUD for short as we are stonners . we jammed all the time practiced did so many epic jams and alot never where filmed so now there just storys talked that me and him carry on haha amazing times hopefully i  can start creating music again some way or another other then rapping