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seemaree  asked:

Dear Maggie, the problem with discovering a band like Alt-J is not being to able to find more bands like Alt-J. Any suggestions for a similar sound?

Alt-J is sort of defined by not being like anybody but Alt-J, but here are things that live in my playlists alongside Alt-J.

1.”Black Mambo“ - Glass Animals

2. “Tremel” - Glasser

3. “Better Man Than He (FTSE Fixed It Mix)“ - Sivu

4. “When You Go” - Silver Tongue

5. “Soup“ - Tuung

6. “Every Night” - Lo-Fang

7. “Time of Dark“ - Tune-Yards

8. “How Many More Times?” - Field Music

9. “Eden“ - Ben Khan

10. “Nite Life” - FTSE

11. “Through Your Bones“ - Lost Lander

12. “No Fate Awaits Me” - Son Lux (also, “Alternate World”)

13. “Counting in C” - Jad Abumrad

14. “Viices“ - Made in Heights

15. “The Shrine/ An Argument” - Fleet Foxes

16. “As I Lay My Head Down“ - Other Lives

17. “The Darkest Day” - Ramona Falls

18. “Ingenue“ - Atoms for Peace

19. “Naruto & the End of the Broken Ear” - Fredrik

20. “Lasted” - Benoit Pioulard

21. “Artifice“ - SOHN

22. “Not the Only One” - William Arcane

I cant believe this happened today. Trying my best to believe this is real like still not sinking in at all You Taylor are just someone who you cant even put into words what an amazing girl you are . Like i didn’t even have a phone this time let alone seat number and rio of all places you found me!!! How? well because ur Taylor! Like u like to give people heart attacks and shock them! 🙀. Ive Never met a more genuine beautiful soul, you are the reason I smile everyday, and have supported all these years ur like the sister i never had . Thank you so much for taking time out of ur busy life ,to make mine. Honestly Before she goes on stage like who does that honestly? Know how great ful i am and thankful for tonite girlie, and know u put so much time and effort into ur fans , you work so hard , not just on ur tour and music. You deserve everything and more. You will always be my in my life snd heart forever i really am glad u like the kitty necklace! I just had to get u something after all you do for me. Now time to sleep haven’t slept for 2 days, Goodnite Taylor thank u again for making not just my nite but my life u looked beautiful and sounded amazing. Like this nite was not one word in history to describe it like ever! Thank u please see this worried i didnt thank u enough❤️