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Teyana is almost 5 months pregnant now and she KILLED her set in her home town of NY with Iman by her side for this show on the One hell of a nite tour! [August 22nd] she says although she’s expecting, work doesn’t stop… and personally I think that should be admired as long as she’s taking care of herself & her baby girl! I love this

One Nite Alone Wrap Up

You all know that ONA Prince is the light of my life.

I cannot not say how much I support and appreciate Prince during this time. He’d really returned to being an artist at this time, doing music for NOBODY but Prince and I really respect him for that.

It may not have been the most commercially productive time period, and he may not have been on the forefront of ANYONE’s mind but the true fams, but the work he was doing at this time really came from an introspective place…figuring himself out after all that he’d been through, re-dedicating his life to start anew, really returning to musicality, musicology, real instruments, one man banding without too many outside influences…creating entire worlds in his music at honestly a grand scale conceptually still being petty king of america but he was just doing his best…and providing an intimate album to accompany it that’s just for you and him as well and continuing his reign as petty king of america during that too

Listened to literally dozens of the ONA shows from this time period, especially sound checks, and reading accounts from people who were there. Some quotes : 

“The One Nite Alone… tour was focused completely on music, more so than those big arena shows. We played small theaters and backstage, Prince ran a sterile atmosphere. One time George Clinton came over. I remember him joking, “I can’t be back here with ya’ll. There’s no women, no nothing!’

Prince was completely focused. Just like the studio sessions, he would sing the parts he wanted me to play and I would write them out, rehearse and play. We’d soundcheck from 4p.m., do the show from 8:30 p.m, then shower and head to the aftershow. Prince would film almost every show and then ask me to watch it back. I would be falling asleep on his couch. He’d say, ‘Najee! Look at what you played!’ Honestly I never saw Prince sleep.” - Najee


“The song was done, and he came up to talk to us a bit. We were able to say in one breath everything we had wanted to say for years : “Thank you for EVERYTHING” but the detail I will remember the most was when I was about to say something to him, and he leaned in to hear me better. That may seem small, but he cared about what I had to say…and as a fan you can imagine how much that means.” Ryan, ONA Lakeland


Prince told us how different this show was going to be…he said we weren’t going to hear ‘kiss”. Said he loved Toronto and would try to get up there this summer. Anyway, while we were waiting for Rhonda, people started asking questions. Stuff like, “When is the next album coming out?” (”Very soon”), “Are you cold?” To which he responded, “Yes, I’m always cold; my hands too…they get cold very easily”, and “are you enjoying the tour so far?” (”It’s the one I’ve enjoyed the most”.” I was scared to speak up, but finally I yelled out, “I Like your hat!” Everyone laughed, then he was like “thank you.” …He really provided a lot of opportunities for us to ask questions. For a while he just stood there, shy looking, waiting or somebody to ask him something… ONA Buffalo


During “Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow” he said Maceo’s horn was making him “dance like an uncle.” One woman dancing on stage was told “you know you got kids at home.” Another dancer came up behind him and joked that he didn’t even know her name (”Linda” she replied in a sexy voice) and he had her her move away. When a male and female were dancing suggestively, he remarked “you’re putting your butt up against her without a ring?! You didn’t even ask her name!” ONA Washington


He’s perfect. Perfectly human and perfectly perfect. 

This will always be my #1 iteration. 💜


Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Fetty Wap, Omarion, Migos, and Teyana Taylor at Nikon Jones Beach Theater for the One Hell of A Nite Tour (8/30/15)