Imagine your otp’s, never having met before, dogs coming loose from their leashes so they chase their dogs down but end up losing them but later the two meet and discuss them losing their dogs before finding them humping in an alleyway but neither of the dogs are fixed so they have to keep in contact because they each have ownership over the (soon to come) puppies.


This is a VHS release of a brutal and effective low-budget film by William Burgess. Don’t let the term “low-budget” turn you off, this film gathers all it’s resources and packs a punch. We here at VHSCOVERJUNKIE love this film and look forward to Burgess’s next feature film! Keep an eye out for a special degraded appearance by cult-filmmaker Damon Packard in this entertaining freakiness, which runs in the vein of films such as “House at the Edge of the Park”.

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