So I was just thinking about the whole “How could multiple gods be the Whole of the Universe whilst still maintaining separate identities?”
Well, I figured. It doesn’t really matter too much whether an individual deity really is the Whole of the Universe or not. The fact is that they want their devotees to perceive them that way. They want us to feel comforted by the thought of their omnipresence.
And when it comes to deities who want us to believe that They are the universe (whether this be true or untrue) - when those deities want, like Nuit does, for us to become in harmony with Them, they’re also desiring for us to become in harmony with the universe itself - and living in harmony with the universe is a much more positive lifestyle. Again, They care about us.
Personally, what I’m stumped about is the fact that the three goddesses whom I venerate - Nuit, Isis, and Neith - all have histories of being perceived as the Whole of the Universe (Nuit in Her Thelemic manifestation, and Isis & Neith in Their Hellenistic manifestations). Which one is true? All? Neither?
I suppose I’ll never actually know the answer. But They all seem to have good intentions for wanting people to believe that they are The All. So if I’ll never know the answer, I guess I’ll abide by the belief that is most beneficial and comforting to me, and that would be the perception that They are each The All. This isn’t necessarily a paradox. Two liquids can exist in one area. Those liquids form a new liquid, yes, but the original liquids still exist as individual liquids. (Now, I’m panentheist, so I believe that these gods are both The Universe and exist beyond the universe, so.)

It’s not necessarily just Nuit and Neith and Isis, either. Many more gods can also contribute to “The All”. I simply decide to focus on those three. 

I guess this is how multiple gods of different religions can simultaneously be “The All”.

This is the belief that is most beneficial to me, and since I’ll never truly know the answer, I guess I’ll stick with it. The result is me feeling more peaceful and harmonious with The All.


NiT GriT - Dimethyltryptamine (Enter the Void with The Spirit Molecule) (by thelakeysisters)

NIT Xin Hua

心华 标准骨追加 MODEL © NIT

Download (pass: look here)

You need to move all texture files to the same folder as the model in order for them to show up properly

Editing : Must stay same character, no taking parts.
Redistribution of edit : Seems not to be allowed.

Comments about the model
The rig is nice (few bugs with the bows and the hair. The junction between the top and skirt may look weird).
The physics are good.
Are there a lot of expressions ?Yes (32).
Is it English friendly ?

Textures : In English.
Bones : Translated.
Expressions : Blank.
Subsets : Blank.


Ray Lewis is pissed off for greatness.

Ray Lewis gives a motivational peptalk to Stanford’s men’s basketball team before Tuesday’s 74-64 win over UMass in the NIT semifinals. It’s gonna be a said day when this man hangs it up. 

“Ain’t no man in here ok with being just basic.”

Do people like seeing my amulets (whether finished bronzes or clay works-in-progress) here on tumblr? This is my latest batch of designs.

From the left: Squatting deity body holding ankh (I make the heads separately), traditional amuletic form of Nit’s bow emblem, tiny sistrum which will actually be functional, menat/counter-poise, and Mafdet’s symbol.

 ‘Artificial leaf’ moves closer to reality

An important step toward realizing the dream of an inexpensive and simple “artificial leaf,” a device to harness solar energy by splitting water molecules, has been accomplished by two separate teams of researchers at MIT. Both teams produced devices that combine a standard silicon solar cell with a catalyst developed three years ago by professor Daniel Nocera. When submerged in water and exposed to sunlight, the devices cause bubbles of oxygen to separate out of the water.



went to visit the new Woollim building today and NIT Coffee *O*

OMG it’s so beautiful!!! ♥♥♥

(and yes, I know Woohyun went there today too, but I went in the morning and he at night!! T^T lol)