So… remember that fusion I made a long long time ago. I decided to redesign them due to the fact that 3 out of the 4 gems in that fusion got design updates.

Again, still the same gem, Kyanite. They have many more eyes than their first design.

So, since the characters have been updated so did Kyanite. They still retain their ability to absorb postive energy of anyone in a mile’s radius, this is spontaneuous and can’t be controlled. They also have the abilty to control large amounts of light and water at a time (light abilities come from Diopside’s and Serendibite’s combined power). They are still very destructive, attacking their allies and enemies as if they were all the same, and destroying anything in their path. The split in their face is now discoloured skin rather than the line that was in their first design. The only way for their allies to stop them is to use a gem destabilizer, which is tedious in itself, due to their energy drain. They ended up asking Nissonite for a destabilizer ray that could be attached to their ship.

But back to them in general, they are extremely unstable due to the fact that Diopside’s and Sunstone’s fusion is already unstable, and sadistic in nature, Onyx is too energetic and Serendibite is apathetic. Their personality is what causes their instability, as they clash too much.

anonymous asked:

What roles would Pyrope and Nissonite play in gem society?

Pyrope is a member of the Garnet group and a rather popular red gemstone. It’s often free from flaws with great transparency, making it very valuable. it is much rarer than its counterpart Almandine. The gem gets its name from the Greek word “puropus” (”pur” for fire and “ops” for eye), meaning fiery eyed or fire and eye, in relation to its bright red color. It has a hardness of 7½, an isometric crystal structure, and a chemical composition of Mg3Al2(SiO4)3  . It’s said to be a traveler’s stone. It was mentioned in the story of Noah’s Ark that Pyrope was used in a lantern to navigate through the night. it helps with security, stability, encourage compassion, aid in self-confidence, and promote successful business. 

I could see Pyrope’s being bodyguards for important officials, whether standing outside of their chambers or being their personal guard, never leaving their side. They could be scouts or navigators; they can keep their teammates safe through the darkest areas of uninhabited gem planets by providing as a light guide. Lastly, they could be factory workers, usually working in extremely hot conditions.

Nissonite is a very rare blue-green copper phosphate mineral. It was named after William H. Nisson, who was an amateur mineralogist and mineral collector in the 1900s. He found the mineral in the Llanada copper mines, located in San Benito Co., California. It can only be found in the United States and Australia, occurring in copper and sedimentary iron deposits. It has a chemical composition of, a hardness of 2 ½, and a monoclinic crystal structure. Because it’s so rare, there are no metaphysical properties on it. 

Because of its rarity, I would imagine they have a high position on Homeworld. They may be a part of Blue Diamond’s court. I could see them as a kind of gem biologist (or a mineralogist… HA!) where they study gem species and perhaps find new ways to utilize each gem’s potential. They could be involved in private experimentations, making new gem species with their knowledge of gem biology. They may be a simple aristocrat who manages harvested gems, valuating which gem should be used for what and sent to whom. I would imagine they may be one of the few gems that knows how to seal gems away in objects and use them for their abilities (or as accessories).