Nissan IDx Freeflow & IDx NISMO:

A different take on retro-futurism. One can spot the obvious BRE Racing inspiration from the good ol’ days of the Datsun 510. But sorry folks, you won’t be able to add carbon body panels, wheel arches, and splitters.. because the NISMO version already has it all.

And while these are true breakthroughs for modern Japanese car design, don’t get your hopes up because the chances of these becoming reality looking like this are slim, next to none. Not to mention, Nissan is talking very small engines and automatic transmissions. Guess they still haven’t caught on to the whole GT86 thing.


Nissan IDx Freeflow & Nismo Concepts.

Not ‘design images’ (no sketches released so far…) but the most exciting designs to have come out of Nissan in a while. The proportions and colour combination of the Freeflow are nostalgic, but the line, surface and detail treatment are 100% contemporary. And the badass Nismo variant is just the ticket - dare I say better than the 2010 Audi Quattro Concept??

If only this was a brand statement of intent for Nissan, instead of (what I believe to be) a GT6 concept that wasn’t asked for by Sony. A definite case of 'look at what you could have won…’