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Translation:   Bi... Egoism

I’ve finished my translation of Akoya’s character song!  And just in time for this month’s Pretty Boy Day, too - could any day be more fitting for a song about the prettiest boy of them all?  Except for Kinshiro and Arima, at least going by the previous results of the Pretty Boy Contest, cough cough.  Anyway, yes, this is a song about how Akoya is beautiful and everyone else is foolish and unsightly and should just disappear.

This translation would not have been possible without the invaluable help of trickystick​, who advised me on a couple of lines that had me beyond stumped!  Thank you so, so much for your help! <3  (Also, anyone looking for excellent lyrics translations of the Boueibu’s character songs should go check out trickystick’s translation tag :D)

I hope I’ve managed to do justice to this song!  It was definitely a challenge to translate.  Romaji lyrics are under the cut as always :)

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Beauty… Egoism

The masses laugh with mean, ugly faces
The way they swarm together, they’re just like a herd of swine

Common sayings and foolishness ought to just disappear
For they are unsuited to my aesthetics
I am the true essence of beauty…

No one else even comes close to rivaling
My hair, my face, my body, all of me
More splendid than flowers, lovelier than the moon
Yes… I’m that beautiful!
Filthy disorder is absolute evil
I’ll wipe it all out in the name of beauty

Letting yourselves be manipulated
By meaningless frenzies and irrational sideshows
Is certain proof that you’re all fools

Destroy the unsightly and the foolish
And all that will remain is beauty
This is true justice…

No one else can ever steal away
My voice, my dreams, my bearing, all of me
Nobler than wind, purer than water
Yes… more than anything!
It’s amusing to be seen as a necessary evil
I’ll subdue everything in the name of beauty

Those with no sense of aesthetics are detestable
To all you worthless fools staining my field of vision
Allow me to educate you

No one else even comes close to rivaling
My hair, my face, my body, all of me
More splendid than flowers, lovelier than the moon
Yes… I’m that beautiful!
You disorderly fools are absolute evil
I’ll eradicate you with my own beautiful hands

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