Route 5, Lefkosia-Latsia-Nisou-Mosfiloti-Psevdas-Agia Anna-Kalo Chorio-Lympia-Dali-Latsia-Lefkosia

This is a relatively easy route on good quality roads with some easy and moderate climbs spread throughout the course. The roads in the parts between Lefkosia and Nisou and Dali and Lefkosia have light traffic, while in the rest of the route are very quiet. The route starts at Aglantzia in Lefkosia, close to the Cyprus Institute and heads towards Latsia (south) passing in front of Lefkosia General Hospital (not via the motorway, follow signs leading to the old Lefkosia-Limassol road, B1). We pass through Latsia and continue straight on, passing Nisou village (staying on the B1 road towards Limassol) until we reach a roundabout, where we take the first exit (east) towards Mosfiloti. We pass through Mosfiloti, Psevdas, Agia Anna and when we reach Kalo Chorio we make a left turn (north east) towards Aradippou (clearly marked, a bit after the village center). We then follow signs towards Kochi and Lefkosia (old Larnaca-Lefkosia road, B2). When we reach Kochi we pass in front of an army camp and then after 2-3 miles we make a left turn (west) towards Lympia (clearly marked). We pass through Lympia (taking the 2nd exit at the roundabout within Lympia towards Dali). We pass through Dali (following signs towards Dali Industrial Area and Nisou) and towards the exit of Dali we encounter two roundabouts where we take the 2nd and 3rd (one of the exits is a dirt road) exit respectively, finally heading north towards Lefkosia (Pentadachtylos mountain should be visible straight ahead). We continue on the main road until we reach the traffic lights in Dali Industrial Area where we make a right turn heading north towards Latsia and Lefkosia. We are now on the old Lefkosia-Limassol road, B1 (from which we have passed earlier) and from here onwards the route is the same as the one we followed at the beginning (opposite direction, now we are heading north towards Lefkosia). The length of the route is around 47 miles. 

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Local Info: The part of the route from Mosfiloti to Kalo Chorio is quite interesting and the four villages encountered in this part are very nice. There are three excellent traditional Cypriot taverns in Psevdas, Agia Anna and Kalo Chorio (one in each village) named ‘Kokkinou’, 'Agia Anna’ (which in summer nights offers an entertainment program with traditional Cypriot dancers) and 'Koutsonikolias’ respectively. These are not just tourist taverns; they are real traditional taverns and all three are well worth a visit. However, eating there and riding your bike for a long distance is impossible! Cypriot food is quite nice and usually comes in large quantities, so you should plan ahead how to get back home (there are buses running in the area, mostly towards Larnaca). Also, a reservation would be a good idea, as space tends to be limited in these taverns and also to be sure that they are open on the day (+357 22533488, 22532500 and 99651818 respectively).