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Mike smiled a bit at the question, shrugging. “It was true, once,” he replied. He’d written it because of a girl he’d known when he was younger. One that he still missed dearly, when he thought about it. He knew, deep down, that his relationship with her just wasn’t meant to be, but that didn’t stop him from missing her. He’d wanted her as a friend, more than a love interest, but she hadn’t seemed to want that. And she had been rather bent on just being the perfect couple, and getting married, and how their lives were going to be so perfect. And Mike didn’t want that, really; he wanted music. A musical life with the guys, that he was able to live out and be happy with. He didn’t need to be professional, and he didn’t need to settle down with a wife and kids. He was too young to do that, and especially had been when he’d first gotten with her.

His smile fell from his face as he thought about her, easily getting lost in his memories. They’d had great times together, really. Happy times, that Mike desperately wanted to relive. Just for a moment or two, maybe. It was all the little things he missed, too. How she always wore one of his shirts to bed, how she loved rainy days, or even something as little as how she liked doing her hair. It was all just a sad, yet happy memory. Mike was just lonely, he supposed. He had the guys, of course, but this was different.

He slowly realized he was still talking to Peter, and was quick to plaster on another smile. A fake one, but Mike didn’t think Peter would notice. There would be a time to mope, later, and Mike figured he could worry about everything, then.

“Do you wanna try to sing it?” Mike asked, next. “Or should we just try somethin’ else, to get your vocal range?” Mike didn’t know whether Peter would have a small one or not. Mike, personally, had a wide range, which was only good because it meant that he’d be able to figure out exactly how Peter sang.

Peter could always tell when the guys were lying to him. Well, usually. They hardly had any reasons to lie to each other about anything. When Micky lied it was usually about not doing something when he had, when Davy liked it was about not liking something, or someone, when he did, but when Mike lied it was often about not feeling something when he felt it very much. When Peter lied it was about knowing something when he didn’t, or not knowing something when he did. But Peter had never been very good at lying.

And he knew Michael’s smile was a faker, but he said nothing about it. At least he wouldn’t right now. He had Mike’s attention and he didn’t want to loose it because he’d upset him over talking about some girl.

After a moment of thought, Peter stood, moving away from the amp, stepping down from the bandstand to the keyboard just off to the right. Peter was curious as to what the people before them used the area infront of the window as. It was a perfect stage. He sat on the stool, figuring out the few chords to the song in quick succession, singing to himself a little, a little too high in his register before figuring that out and switching lower.


Peter blinked his eyes open as the sunlight streamed in through the window that morning. It was peaceful, and nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. He heard the waves crash outside on the beach, and heard the warm wind blowing by outside.

He stretched, feeling the cool air of the room on his skin. Peter had slept shirtless the night before because of how hot it was. They had fought off an evil wizard of sorts the day before, and he had placed some weird curse on them that had left him feeling odd. His chest felt oddly heavy, but he shrugged it off.

Walking to the bathroom, Peter flicked on the light, leaning down to wash his face. That’s when he noticed his hair felt longer than usual…and softer.

Drying his face, Peter opened his eyes and sighed.

And that’s when he saw it.

Looking in the mirror, Peter realized there were breasts on his chest. And he wasn’t a he anymore, Peter was a she.

She let out a loud, high pitched scream, frantically running to find a shirt.

Crush (MikexPeter)


Peter hummed softly as the warm water from the showerhead rained down on him. He had been on the beach all day, and was finally washing off the sand and seawater. He heard Mike’s boots clunking around upstairs, and grinned a little. He always seemed to be wearing his boots, even around the house.

Mike had been acting a little strange around him lately. Peter wasn’t sure why, but Mike seemed to avoid him more now, and get nervous around him. Maybe his playing was messing up the group dynamic? Or had he done something to personally offend Mike? He wasn’t sure. Maybe it would all blow over soon.

Once he got out, Peter pulled on a clean pair of jeans, messily towel drying his sandy blond hair. He had forgotten to bring a shirt into the bathroom, but that was alright. His room was just a few feet away, anyway. Mike had clunked his way downstairs now, and was doing something in the kitchen. As he made his way out of the bathroom, Peter laughed at Micky and Davy, who were wrestling for who got control of the television. He finally made his way past Mike, whom he flashed a smile at.