• 25 Cent Liquor
  • Nishwasher
  • This Culture EP

Nishwasher – This Culture EP 7.3

               Nishwasher’s “This Culture EP” was cryogenically frozen in 1993. We’ve been lucky enough to see all the hallmarks of power pop in place: loud guitars, teen-oriented lyrics, and riffs. Yes, it is good to see this kind of thing coming back in full swing. Personally I miss power-pop. No one can really tell me what happened to it. After listening to “This Culture” I’m pretty sure it has been busy incubating in New Jersey.

                “This Culture” I think was made for some hip, local bar. I like the guitars on here, the vocalists match the mood pretty well, and even the beginning of the song with its choppy introduction gives you an idea of what you’ll be encountering on most of this thing. For those of you who were looking for a younger version of “Japandroids” I present to you this song.

                I’m really nostalgic for the 90s with “25 Cent Liquor”. Could the title have been a little better, a little more subtle? Yeah, it really could have. But considering the amount of fun it has (it is the fastest song) I’m more than willing to give it a pass of sorts. Honestly, if anyone found 25 cent liquor I’m assuming they would probably sing about it.

                  Only three tracks long, it doesn’t ask for much. All Nishwasher wants is a couple minutes of your time. They won’t waste it. Consider them one of those 90s wave bands perhaps a little ahead of the curve.