nishiyuu walkers


“…how many more kilometers need to be walked before this conservative government listens to First Nations people?”

Time for Civil War in Canada!

Seriously? Harper will be greeting Pandas in Toronto instead of greeting the Nishiyuu Walkers, I just lost all hope for Canada! I am NOT PROUD TO BE CANADIAN. These brave people should be his FIRST PRIORITY! What a fucking asshole we have for a Prime Minister. That’s it I am done with this country, done with being nice, and done with the racism and injustice! It’s time for action, let’s tear this place apart! Harper you are going down! I am fed up with your shit! You are worthless and all you care about it money and greed. You are the epitome of what is wrong with this country. Fuck You! Rant over, but drive for change is stronger than ever! Time for action!