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Sleepy bedtime cuddles with Nishinoya and his girlfriend/s/o please?

((You ask and I shall give! Here are some sleepy cuddles for you and Noya. c:


This became a daily struggle for you. Often you would find yourself encased in Nishinoya’s arms. His arms envelop around your waist in a strong hold, a hold in which no matter how much you strain yourself, you are not able to escape from it.

“Yuu, wake up.” With your hand you shake him, hoping the movement would wake him from his slumber.

Instead you are met with a grumble as your boyfriend brought you closer to him.

You glimpse at the sleeping libero, finding yourself smiling at his disheveled appearance and low snores. He looks adorable, you had to admit. It was not often that you were able to relish a Saturday morning with him.

The clock on your nightstand was proof that there was time to spare. The glowing red numbers were almost beckoning you to postpone your chores to slumber beside your dozing boyfriend.

Your hand glides down his soft tresses which earns a response from Nishinoya; he nuzzles his face closer to your neck. His soft breaths tickle you, but the warmth from his body is what prevented you from pushing him away. There was also the fact that you were able to gaze at Nishinoya’s silent, napping face.

It was then when you observed every single detail of his face. Nishinoya has a soft expression void of furrowed eyebrows or happy smirks. Instead his face doned a relaxed expression, his mouth parted open which emitted soft snores.

Sometime after your eyes become lost in Nishinoya’s face, your eyelids were being weighed down by the sleep you hadn’t gotten yet. Your snores mixed with his own.


Title: Destruction

Pairing: Asanoya

Warning: Omegaverse, and everything that comes with it. There’s some blood in this and fighting. Intense scenes. Angst.

Notes: This is a response to this anon —> [x] I’m going to have to write some fluff after this, because wow, angst. At this point, Nishinoya and Asahi have probably only been courting for a few weeks.

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Nishinoya Yuu the Guardian Deity of Karasuno

30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge Day 2: Character you first fell in love with

That would be Karasuno’s very own Guardian Deity, he is a super talented libero, but he is not stuck up about it, instead he seeks to improve himself and remains humble  :D Definitely a player you want on your team plus he’s the reason I started watching Haikyuu haha :P