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Oh my god i caught the ask box open!!! Could i request some fluffy 'the morning afters' with the Karasuno team? Love the blog, keep doing what you're doin!

Thank you dear ^^ I’m glad ya guys like this blog

Daichi when he opened his eyes he was met by his s/o’s smiling face and a whisper of ‘good morning’. He smiled back at them as he pressed their foreheads together and gave them a quick kiss on the lips and mumble a ‘good morning’ back. 

Suga would smile as soon as he saw the sleeping face of his s/o. He’d move a little closer to them and hug them. He would close his eyes and remember their shared night before and a smile would spread on his lips again. He would fall asleep again with his s/o in his arms and a smile on his lips

Asahi when he opened his eyes he saw his s/o cuddled against him sleeping peacefully and as he remembered what had happened the previous night he blushed bright red and he felt his heart speed up and he felt incredible embarrassed but happy of course. He heard his s/o sleepily call his name as they wrapped their arms around him and told him to relax to which he did, a little, before closing his eyes. 

Nishinoya when he woke up he saw his cute s/o sleeping at his side and he couldn’t help but to let out a sound of happiness and hug them tightly which caused them to wake up with a startle. His s/o let out a sigh and said a ‘good morning’ as them rolled their eyes. Nishinoya beamed at them as he greeted them, very loudly, a good morning back before kissing them and telling them that he really enjoyed ‘last night’ which earned him a smile + a smack on the arm

Tanaka would be half asleep as he “woke up” he rolled onto his side and saw his s/o sleeping, remembering what happened last night put a smile on his face but he was too tired to do anything more than wrapping his arms around his s/o before falling asleep again. Not that it was bad, being so close to them after a special night like that was nice. Really nice. 

Ennoshita woke up to the feeling that something or someone was laying on him. He opened his eyes and saw his partner resting their head on his chest, peacefully asleep. A smile spread on his lips as the ran his hand through their messy, but soft hair. They stirred a bit and he stopped his motions, not wanting to wake them up but when they just repositioned themselves to more comfortable he kissed their head before relaxing and soon he fell asleep.  

Kageyama as he woke up to see his sleeping s/o he’d be extremely embarrassed as he remembered last night but his chest grew warm because he loved them and it was a special moment they’d shared. He gently wrapped his arms around them and pulled their sleeping form closer to him before closing his eyes and falling sleep once again. 

Hinata would wake up as he felt someone poke his cheeks and when he opened his eyes he saw his s/o’s face looking at him amusingly. ‘You’re cheeks are so soft Hinata’ they smiled and hugged him which caused him to blush but also made him let out a giggle. He wrapped his arms around them and nuzzled into their soft hair. ‘Good morning to you too sunshine’ He whispered 

Yamaguchi as soon as he opened his eyes he was greeted by seeing his s/o sleeping in his arms. His face started to heat up and he gently nuzzled their his face into their soft hair. He heard his s/o chuckle as their hand started to rub his back gently. ‘good morning sweetheart, are you feeling embarrassed’ they said in a teasing voice and Yamaguchi just hugged them closer to him.

Tsukishima would wake up and let out a sigh before turning to his side and see his s/o sleeping. He would get a unusual genuine smile on his face as he gently stroked their hair, remembering what they’ve shared the night before made his whole body warm. He would probably kick himself if his s/o saw him so different from his usual self.

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Can I have some fluffy Noya for their sick s/o? I'm not feeling too well.

I gotcha darling! 

I hope you feel better soon!

And here ya go!

Being sick was the worst.

The aches, fatigue, even the runny nose, all but made you feel happy. There were times where you thought you were getting better, and there were times you felt as if the world was crashing down on you and sending every germ and virus your way to attack you while you were down. If you could be angry in your sleep, you’d probably be seething by now, and it didn’t help that something at your side wasn’t letting you turn over..

Wait a minute.. Why the hell couldn’t you move?

Your eyes, though incredibly tired, shot open, your gaze darting to your left as you tried to figure out what the hell was actually going on.

Looking down, you realized your little problem. And after noticing what was going on, the situation was anything but problematic.

Nishinoya laid on his side, his arms wrapped around you, his chest rising and falling gently as he slept, his lips slightly parted, his cheeks and ears a small shade of pink from the warm air of the room.

There was a smile on your face, you couldn’t hide it, and knowing that it was Noya holding you, making sure you were safe and comfortable in his arms,you knew you’d rather have it this way.

Maybe being sick wasn’t too bad after all.

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I have a headcannon that Noya LOVES go carts but he's always too short to ride alone and Asahi never goes fast enough so he employs Tanaka as his designated go cart driver but then they somehow end up speeding the opposite way causing multiple crashes and weren't allowed at that theme park ever again and to this day when karasuno takes a trip to another theme park they have to be in safety pairs so stuff like that never happens again

This is one of the best head canons I have ever read.

(Thank you for sharing!)

The Art of Miscommunication

Pairing: Asanoya
Rating: T - coarse language and mentions of sex, but nothing explicit
Wordcount: ~2200
Summary: “I mean sometimes I just want him to throw me down on the court and take me right there in the middle of the game”. That was how it all started.

Happy April Fools Day! I think I will stick to art in the future. Prose is hard D:

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(must be an early April Fool’s from the skies!)
Seriously though, yesterday it was nice and warm outside, and today .. snow? :c

But yah, again .. it got me thinking (again? I know, horrible) what the babies and babes would do with their partner on a snowy winterday? Or just a lazy day?
Not all the babies and babes are mentioned, I am aware. ~

• If there are any mountains nearby, Daichi and his partner would go skiing. He would love to teach his partner, but he would be quite surprised and impressed if it turns out that his partner is skilled at skiing.

Asahi and his partner would stay inside and cuddle by the fireplace. They would make a few cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Kuroo and his partner would spend the time by making their own facial mask, and putting it on each other. Kuroo would also paint his partner’s nails if asked to, even though he would probably paint their fingers too.

• After getting his energy boosted by watching the falling snow outside, Oikawa and his partner would play Wii. They would play tennis, basketball, archery - everything that is related to sports.

Tanaka wouldn’t be able to be silent until he and his partner had had at least five snowball fights. Tanaka would give his all, but he would almost panic if he hit his partner right in the face. He would apologize over and over, until his partner would get annoyed and give him a snow job*.

*You know, rubbing snow in someone else’s face? I had to Google it, because I had no idea what it’s called in english. I’m still not sure what it’s called, but if you have another word og phrase for it, please let me know!

Nishinoya would go snowboarding! If his partner doesn’t know how to, Nishinoya would teach them, but he also wouldn’t mind if his partner just watched him show off.

Ennoshita and his partner would lay on the couch, cuddling, while eating chips and chocolate, and drinking tea or hot chocolate. They would watch tv, and if they wanted to watch two different movies, Ennoshita would quickly give in, because it really wouldn’t matter to him, as long as it would just be the two of you.

• Because of his love of music, Tsukishima would show off his music collection to his partner. He would talk about his favorites with passion in his eyes, and his partner would stay quiet and admire how Tsukishima could talk about music for hours.

Takeda and his partner would cook a tasteful meal. They would be goofy, and while the food is minding its own business, Takeda and his partner would play board games.


finally finished those Crow Crew tattoos ˂⁽ˈ₍ ⁾˲₎₌

oh and ~~