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bjsjones asked:

Yama being a really good artist and has a sketch book filled with drawings of his team mates hell even some of the other teams to so how about him leaving early for whatever reason and accidently leaving it in the club room and the team finding it?

The first thing they notice about the book is how full it is. It has pages upon pages folded and crumbled up inside of it, sticking out at odd angles. The book is worn, cover faded from use, but the name written in messy lettering is visible against the lightness of it. That’s the second thing they notice. The name. And that’s when they realize that this is the notebook Tadashi guards with his life whenever he has it with him.

Tadashi had needed to go to a dentist appointment, so he’d left practice early, rushing out of the gym and to change, seemingly leaving his notebook on the bench where he’d been packing his things.

“Yamaguchi left his notebook.” Noya says, nudging Suga with his elbow, smirking. “He left the notebook that he’s always messing with. Can we open it?”

“No!” Suga whacks Noya in the gut lightly, plucking the notebook gingerly from Noya’s hands. “We’ll have Tsukishima bring it back. He sees Yamaguchi more than we do.”

“Gone,” Kageyama calls from where he and Hinata are doing stretches. “Left during individual practice, to his brother’s.”

“Alright, oh man, we can’t get it to Tsukishima. Let’s look in it,” Before Suga can protest, Noya is swiping the book and rushing across the room to Tanaka, opening it and gasping at the contents. “Holy shit, Ryu,”

“What? What’s in it? Is it a diary professing his love for Tsukishima?”

“He basically does that verbally every day,” Kageyama mutters, standing and looking at the book, eyes widening when they see. “Holy shit.”

“Oi! I wanna see! I wanna see!” Hinata jumps on Noya’s back, jostling him, but he doesn’t drop the book. Hinata gets a good look at the book and gasps, eyes glowing in wonder. “Woah!”

“Guys, quit looking through–”

“Yamaguchi-kun’s an artist!”

“What?” Suga quirks an eyebrow at Hinata’s outburst.

“He’s really good! Look!” Hinata takes the book from a still-shocked Noya, flipping it over to show Sugawara. On one of the pages is a realistic-looking doodle of Noya, fiery look in his eyes, and Suga’s eyes widen.

“W- Wh–”

“Holy shit, right?” Noya says, grinning, out of his stupor. Suddenly he wears a look of pride, and points at himself. “And he picked one of his favorite senpais as a muse, too!”

“Hey, look, he drew me, too!” Tanaka says, pointing to the other side of the page, where he is in the style much like Noya’s, grinning evilly. Noya deflates.

“Seriously!? Why can’t I have one Kohai that only likes me?!”

“Oh, hush up, Noya,” Suga says, eyes still trained on the book as he flips through the other pages, minding the loose ones haphazardly shoved in between others. There’s a clear favorite – Tsukishima is drawn in a variety of emotions and back grounds – and they’re all in awe at how consistent Tadashi’s art work is, even when he changes style. His work always has these thin, dark lines when they’re cleaned up, and the sketches are always light and airy, pencil strokes barely there.

Suga stops at a particular photo of Nekoma’s Kenma, in video game armor, standing on front of a battle field, smoke billowing from somewhere behind him. He flips the page, holding the next one in place, careful not to drop the loose sheet of paper. This one is a picture of Ennoshita, video camera held in front of his face, smiling behind the lens, leaving them all awestruck over again. How was Tadashi this good? Did he just create the images from his mind? How did he reference their looks?

Some are colored. A unanimous favorite is a watercolor of Tsukishima, looking up to the sky with stars in his eyes, lips parted lightly, that had been folded and stuffed inside the sketch book.

“I’m back,” Everyone whirls around to the doorway to see Tsukishima entering, looking bored, and Noya slams the book shut, hiding it behind his back before hiding behind Suga.

“Tsukishima! We didn’t expect you back…”

“I wasn’t going to come back, but Yamaguchi asked me to grab his sketch book he forgot. Now if you’ll excuse me, my brother’s in the car…” Tsukishima ducks his head, and walks over to where he and Tadashi kept their bags, looking around and frowning when he doesn’t see what he’s looking for. “Have…you guys seen it?..”

“Yeah! Yamaguchi-kun draws really really good!”

Noya glares at Hinata, hissing, “Shoyou!”

“What? He is!”

Tsukishima quirks a brow, and cautiously takes a few steps towards the group, suddenly aware of how close together they were standing, and how odd they were acting. “Noya-san. Didn’t see you there.”

“Haha, well, I am short,” Noya laughs nervously, taking a few steps back, sketch book still in his hands. Tsukishima frowns deeper, and in one large stride, he reaches behind Noya and grabs the book.

“Well would you look at that. You are capable of coherent thought.”

Noya squawks, and Tsukishima smirks, waving the book as he steps towards the door, leaving the guilty party standing in awe at him. He opens the door.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell him you looked. I’ll be having a peek of my own on the way home.”

Tsukishima exits, leaving his teammates in awe.

If Tadashi finds out they’re all dead.

Karsuno Members React To: A Gender Swap Spell.
  • Hinata:Wahhh what are these???
  • Kageyama:Boobs, dumb ass. Wait why are yours bigger than mine??
  • Daichi:Did my thighs seriously got bigger? Wtf
  • Sugawara:*Whispers* Lord yes they did..
  • Nishinoya:Asahi-san! Jump!
  • Asahi:B-But why?
  • Nishinoya:Just do it!
  • Tanaka:DAMN I LOOK HOT.
  • Asahi:*Jumps*
  • Nishinoya:Yep, as I though Asahi has the best boobs.
  • Daichi:I will disagree, Yamaguchi's are the best.
  • Sugawara:Tsukishima may have small breast, but he, well rather she has nice long hair.
  • Hinata:Yeah! I wanna grab onto his hair and swing around!
  • Tsukishima:If you touch my hair I will send you to hell.
  • Kageyama:Already in it.
  • Everyone But Hinata:Hinata.
  • Takeda:I think you look quite nice, everyone. ^_^
  • Kiyoko:Well this is a load off my back..
  • Bonus:Nekoma's reaction.
  • Kuroo:Welp time for another pract- What the hell.
  • Yamamoto:MY TWIN LOOKS HOT-
  • Kenma:Why is.. Everyone.. Gender swapped-
  • Hinata:*Runs at Kenma and jumps in front of him* KENMA-SAN HELP-Kenma-san are you okay?
  • Kenma:*Passed out from boob flash.*
  • Kuroo:I have the most awkward boner right now.
  • Everyone:KUROO NO.
  • Kuroo:Kuroo yes.

bird-ly asked:

I have yet to see any asanoya hc! Can we please have more love for it? Any status you want!

O!Asahi being insecure about his height. He feels like it’s an offence to A!Noya, that his mate is so much taller than him. Asahi can hear people snicker when Nishinoya pulls him down for a kiss, or has to get Asahi to crouch so they can scent mark. Asahi has told Yuu several times that he’s sorry, and even offered to leave Noya once so he could find a better suited omega. Nishinoya instantly told him he couldn’t stand the though of being with anyone else except Asahi. Noya confessed that he worries that Asahi would leave him, because he’s not big enough to scare off alphas or nearly close to the size expected for alphas. Asahi and Noya hush each other’s worries, knowing they love each other and height- and what others think- won’t change that.

anonymous asked:

Probably an odd request but top 10 haikyuu characters likely to watch porn?

NSFW NSFW NSFW!!! Also omg I don’t think I’ve ever typed the word porn that much before yikes !!!!!

1. Sugawara, he’s secretly kinky af

2. Bokuto, the boy is like a rabbit if you know what I mean

3. Yaku, idk I see him really liking porn

4. Kioyoko, Suprise!!! Girl loves some porn tbh

5. Daichi he dabbles in it ocassionaly

6. Iwaizumi, again I see him being kinky and also he watches it when he’s bored

7. Yamaguchi, idk I see him liking porn?? Just agree with me here

8. Nishinoya, oh yeah he defiantly loves it

9. Ennoshita, like Iwaizumi he’d watch it when he was bored I think

10. Idk I think Kenma may occasionally enjoy porn too

anonymous asked:

(Angst) A!Noya and O!Asahi wanted to have a lot of children together, but when Asahi and their first Cub nearly died during a difficult labor, they had no other choice but to give up their dream. Asahi was constantly blaming himself for failing as an omega and apologizing to Noya for not being able to give him the large family he always wanted. Noya reminds him that he's not worried about that; his mate and son are still alive, and that's all that matters. There's always the option to adopt.

Asahi and Nishinoya end up adopting three more Cubs. Asahi always feel a pull in his stomach that he could never have more of his own. Asahi and Noya love their Cubs, and the cub they managed to have loves his siblings.

anonymous asked:

Prompt - *NSFW* Yamaguchi trying to take all of Asahi with Asexual Noya off to the side watching however things are going slow, and him being the little shit he is, crawls to them, grabs yama and slams him down on Asahi

Yuu puffs out a sigh, eyes trailed on his boyfriends on the bed. He was supposed to be studying, but with them being so loud, he really couldn’t concentrate. 

“Fuck, Tadashi,” Asahi moans, bucking into Tadashi’s mouth on instinct. Tadashi coughs, choking slightly on Asahi’s cock, and backs off slightly with a moan, making Yuu grimace. How was Tadashi enjoying this? Slowly, Tadashi starts to inch his way down Asahi’s cock, taking more into his mouth; just like he’d been doing for the last ten minutes. 

Yuu has to admit, Asahi was pretty big, and Tadashi had a small mouth, so he sees the point in going slow, but it’s just so boring watching them. So he does the only thing he wan think of. With a smirk, Yuu climbs from his desk chair and walks over to them. Neither seems to notice as he approaches, nor do they notice him standing over the edge of the bed, his shadow cast over Tadashi. They’re both too into it, eyes shut tight, moaning in unison, one’s muffled by the mouthful of cock they were working at. 

They don’t see it coming. One second, Tadashi is moaning against Asahi’s cock, the next he’s shooting up in the bed, coughing and gagging and squeaking at Yuu, and Asahi is looking distressed as Yuu keels over laughing. 

“Y- Yuu, it’s not– not funny!” Tadashi yells, hitting Yuu lightly on the shoulder. Yuu only laughs more, and his boyfriends groan. They were dating a child…

haikyuu characters as neko atsume cats

Hinata: Mack (determined)

Kageyama: Rascal (selfish)

Kenma: Conductor Whiskers (vigilant)

Oikawa: Fred (lady-killer) and Pumpkin(spacey, cause he belongs in space)

Inuoka: Tubbs (finicky feaster)

Noya: Bandit (wild at heart)

Yachi: Princess (ditzy)

Yamaguchi: Pickles (fainthearted)

Akaashi: Billy the KItten (nihilistic)

Bokuto: Lady Mew-Meow (diva) Peaches (capricious)

Tanaka: Speckles (lonely)

Iwaizumi: Smokey (hot and cold)

Terushima: Callie (carefree)

Suga: Spud (cautious)

Asahi: Frosty (sensitive)

Kiyoko: Willie (crafty)

Kuroo: Senor Don Gato (scheming)

Tsukki: Chairman Meow (boorish)

Daichi: Joe Dimeowgio (team player)

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Nishinoya Yuu - Love Letter




Although I did have to ask your mother for the address code and stuff since I obviously couldn’t as you, otherwise it would have ruined the surprise since you thought I forgot!

But I thought that if I randomly sent you a letter that’s not even on a special ocasion would be more surprising. I bet you were surprised. Heh heh heh

Anyway. I just wanted to say I love you so much!

I know I say it everyday but I mean it. I mean it every day and I thought I would remind you again, but in writing form!

Although Suga tried to  read over it and made me refraft it a few times but he said I did loads of spelling mistakes. RUDE.

But anyway.

Just wanted to remind you that you’re pretty damn fantastic. I hope you’re having a awesome and a amazing day! You’re beautiful!

I think this is a pretty cool thing, you know, sending random letters. I think I’ll do it more often really.

Lots of love from your awesome boyfriend, Yuu! xxxx