How to Handle a Nico: When One Door Closes...

Primary Pairing: NicoMaki
Secondary Pairing: NozoEli
Words: ~2.3k
Rating: T? Is talk about booze and a single suggestive comment by Nozomi worth bumping things up to T?

It was over.

Nico sat in silence as she stared numbly at nothing in particular, the cityscape flashing past the windows of the train didn’t register at all.

It was all over.

Years of dreams and ambition, of hard work and dedication, and a goal that had finally been in reach, was now shattered. Almost two years of secrecy and public denial, and one mere moment of indiscretion had been captured by one of the most common devices in the nation. A moment later, it had been uploaded to the digital realm, where it spread like a wildfire; flames that continued to grow even after burning her life to the ground. And once released, the damning image would remain for eternity, regardless of attempts to remove it. It was over.

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