Three sharp raps pound at Nishiki’s door, followed by a “Senpai? Hey, you forgot the paperwork from the other day!” - both of which he doesn’t hear. He’s much too caught up in his current activity, which is fucking his s/o senseless against his desk. When Nagachika opens the door, it’s really Nishiki’s fault.

“Fuck, don’t you know how to knock?! It really pisses me off when people come into my territory uninvited.” Nishiki growls, snapping his hips against his s/o’s ass and filling them completely, showing no signs of slowing or ceasing whatsoever.

“I can - I can go - Just  - Er -” Hide awkwardly shuffles to Nishiki’s desk, realizes what’s going on, and drops the paperwork on a vacant chair instead.

As he’s about to reach the door, Nishiki stills against his partner and grinds out a strained, “Wait.” Hide, fully expecting to receive the biggest verbal bitch slap since the beginning of time, turns and faces his senior, eyes closed. Nishiki pulls out of his partner, and reaches down to stroke himself as he turns to Hide.

“Join or go, the decision is yours, just make it quickly.”

Hide isn’t exactly sure how it happens. One moment, he’s sitting there and prepared to suffer whatever hell Nishiki’s capable of inflicting upon him, the next, he’s tugging off his clothes as if in a trance. He locks the door for good measure and walks over to the couple, unsure of what they want him to do. They move things to the bed, a space better suited for another person. Nishiki’s partner grabs his hand and pulls him in for a kiss, silencing whatever complaints or worries he has. Nishiki, a little agitated at being pushed to the side, intervenes by slipping his hand between the two of them, stroking his partner and grinning as he draws moans from them. Hide is a little out of his element, but wanting to prove to his Nishiki that he was right for allowing him to stay, he puts his lips to work. He dominates their s/o’s mouth, all tongue, lips and teeth as he kisses them ravenously. 

It’s another few minutes of miscommunication, and tons of frustration on Nishiki’s part, before the settle into a good rhythm. Hide positions himself at their s/o’s entrance, only when first given the okay by Nishiki, and slams in, setting a quick pace as Nishiki jerks himself off. Normally, he hates it when others intrude on his territory, but dismisses the thought, because he finds it so incredibly hot. They take turns pleasing their s/o, and by the end of the hot, sweaty session, Hide isn’t sure how to feel as they’re all sprawled out on Nishiki’s bed. 

“You tell no one,” Nishiki says lazily, though with an unmistakable twinge of danger. “Go.”

Hidekane Roller Derby AU:

Hide hasn’t been skating as well as he’s wanted to.
It’s the final game of the season, between the two highest ranked teams in the region: Anteiku and CCG.
There’s only enough time on the clock for one last jam, and CCG sends out their star jammer: Suzuya Juuzou.

Hide is internally screaming, trying to picture how he’s going to out-skate Suzuya.
Kaneki is a referee, but he got an injury during a mishap in an earlier game so he’s sitting on the sidelines cheering him on. He gives him a thumbs up, and he looks so ridiculous Hide can only laugh.

The jam starts and the pack shuffles haphazardly.
He takes a few illegal jabs to the ribs, but Hide manages to make it out of the pack seconds before Juuzou does, the man hot on his heels. Sweat beads at the edges of his helmet.
The two jammers, the Sun and the Night, round the bend and quickly come up on the pack.
Suzuya skims past him at the last second, driving forward wildly. Anteiku try to keep him at bay, Touka and Nishiki pressing their bodies together to block him.
Amon’s got his back rigid, stance wide across Hide’s path. Weighing his options, Hide knows the only way to win is to take the risk.
Sliding towards the inside of the rink, he jumps the track, just barely skirting around Amon. The CCG in front link arms, expecting Hide to try to break through.
He glances at the clock: three seconds. It’s now or never.
In a rush of desperation, Hide dives beneath the entwined arms.
It feels a bit like flying.
His heart skips when the final whistle sounds, and then he smashes into the floor chin-first.
The blood dripping down his face and the throbbing in his ankle don’t even register. Hide pushes himself to stand only to be knocked down again by his teammates, their screams thundering in his ears
In the flashes of light beneath the mass of people, he looks for Kaneki. Who is still sitting exactly where he was, leg brace elegantly straddling a fold-out chair. Hide pries himself free, dashing between skaters and spectators as if the jam hadn’t ended. He rolls right up to Kaneki and then right into Kaneki, the two of them crashing in a heap of plaster, metal, and happiness. They laugh between the groans, and Kaneki chides him for his rashness but congratulates Hide on the win nonetheless.

The next day they’re both sour-faced, in matching hospital beds, their legs strung from the ceiling in fresh casts, as Touka yells about having to take care of them on her only day off.

sha-tt-ered asked:

Tokyo ghoul

❤ Favorite Male: Juuzou Suzuya
❤ Favorite Female: Touka Kirishima
❤ Favorite Pairing: Ayahina
❤ Least Favorite Character: Yamori
❤ who’s most like me: Touka
❤ most attractive: Ayato Kirishima
❤ three more characters that I like: Nishiki Nishio, Urie Kuki and Arima Kishou