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How do you feel about season 8 being the finale and also about Bamon

Honestly, I’m still processing, re: the end of TVD. I mean, we knew it was coming, but up to this point I’ve been so disillusioned by everything that went down at the end of season 7 that I haven’t spent much time thinking about it (or alternatively, being passive aggressively pleased that the actors will be free). 

For Bamon specifically, I spoke a bit more about it in a post HERE, but basically: at its heart, my enjoyment of the ship has never been centered on what may or may not be going on in canon. What I love about this ship is the characters’ dynamic itself, the creative force of nature that is its fandom, and the creative/emotional outlet that it gives me personally. So while my motivation was zapped for a little while there, and I don’t intend to watch s8 live, I do intend to remain active in the fandom and to continue making art.

At this point, I’m mostly just sad. It’s an undefined sort of sad, which like I said I’m still processing. I’m sad that these characters and this story that I’ve devoted so much time and hope and love towards is ending, that we won’t have any more tag parties or the blur of adrenaline and excitement that comes from good new canon scenes. I’m sad that the fandom will most likely become less active once the show ends, that this thing that brought me to all you wonderful folks is over.

Watching the SDCC proceedings, I’m sad that the Bamon fandom has been so thoroughly disappointed and seemingly discarded. I’m sad that a fandom made up in large part of people of color, particularly black people, has been told once again that we’re valuable enough to pander to and bait for views, but not valuable enough to enact actual change for, to keep writing/marketing towards once they’ve secured their precious final season.

For all the tentative hope I felt prior to season 7 when JP said she’d read the “5 Simple Ways TVD Could Treat Bonnie Bennett Better” article and then we started to see tiny baby steps like Bonnie’s desirability being focused upon, etc., I’m sad that the actual point of it all was somehow missed or dropped by the end of the season. That all of Bonnie’s hard-won self worth was so easily discarded when it suited the plot. I’m sad that the spirit of that article and all the other posts and tweets made by everyone else to educate the fandom and writers on the racist undertones woven into so many sections of TVD’s narrative was lost in the end. I’m sad that the s7 narrative trampled over its nameless Native American characters, I’m sad about the travesty that was everything they wrote for Beau, and I’m sad that after all of that we were expected to be grateful because Bonnie and Enzo were given three flashbacks and slapped with the Epic Love label.

An uglier side of me is sad that the anti-fans who dragged us through their hateful, racist filth may end up feeling vindicated for having done so. I’m sad that their fervor is “passion” and ours is “rabid.”

So yeah. I’ll figure out exactly what I’m feeling eventually. I just know that like me, a lot of folks have devoted a lot of time and energy towards this show, and now that it’s finally ending, it all feels… bittersweet.

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Im sad too, especially when I think back to how it was this time last year. Tensions were high with all of the ship war stuff, but the fandom in general was just so hopeful and excited. It seemed like they might just give B/D a fair shot, and that bonnie was going to get a decent SL. I started watching this show when I was 11 (17 now), and as a young black women, to know that they never really considered bonnie a valuable character, never considered her worthy enough to be with their 1/2

2/2 white male lead, never put a genuine effort in giving her a good story despite all of the bonnie fandoms ranting over the yrs, and at this point will probably only give her a lackluster ending at best hurts in a way idk how to describe. It might be stupid but i identified with this character personally, and I kept watching in hopes that things would get better for her. Now it all feels like a waste.

I’m so sorry, love. You deserve better than that. It’s not stupid, given how much time and heart fans put into a show, and how Bonnie’s character specifically resonates with black fans. Representation can be a double edged sword if the people in charge don’t understand or don’t care about the burden of responsibility that comes with writing a character that represents a marginalized population.

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remember s2-s4 when Dormiente, Adverse effect, and Effervescent were all the rage and we had such beautiful fanart and funny inside jokes. The S/E/D triangle was thriving and we were a small bunch but we were content in our fanon world. I get why every1 so sad but we have a lot to be happy for, I made a lot of amazing friends here. I guess im just saying we can still be a happy community w/o B/D being canon or endgame. I want that more than anything but thats not why we started shipping them.

Yesssss :) I hope we’ll get back to that, on some level. Might never be the same, of course, but it would still be fun.

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Kat looked so sad today.

I have to go back and watch the panel, but the pics I’ve seen didn’t seem too sad. tbh I think she must be relieved she’s almost free. Definitely different from the comic cons a couple of years ago tho:

Maybe the cast wasn’t all drunk this time lol :)

I can’t believe how offended people are that someone has legs?
Like, guys??? It’s a character, it’s not like it invalidates your drawings, you can still headcannon him with prosthesis??? But getting mad, because someone ISNT A DOUBBLE AMPUTEE. Is extremely petty.

This fandom complains about everything. Fights over everything. Calm down. It’s a video game sweetheart