nish talks

i am really looking forward to the jace/alec scene(s) where they talk about jace’s guilt for the downworld massacre. because although it was on a much smaller scale, alec knows what it feels like to feel responsible for the death of someone he didn’t mean to kill and only did so under external influence. remember the scene when alec left the institute as he couldn’t stand to be there? it was jace who tried to console him that it wasn’t alec’s fault. it would be interesting (and heartbreaking) to see jace now battle with a similar internal conflict of self-blame, and also how alec will help his parabatai handle it, and help him stay afloat, the way magnus did for him.

i have seen soooo many people on here that are annoyed that luke skywalker was apparently labelled heterosexual in the vanity fair cover story and he literally wasn’t.

the offending statement is in this paragraph:

a “straight man” is a certain type of stock character. taken from the wikipedia page because i can’t be bothered to get a better source (but i promise you, it’s a real thing):

“The straight man is a stock character in a comedy performance, especially a double act, sketch comedy, or farce. When a comedy partner behaves eccentrically, a straight man’s response may range from aplomb to outrage, or from patience to frustration, but never laughter, making the partner look all the more ridiculous by being completely serious.”

that’s why it goes on to talk about han, leia, c-3po and r2-d2 in the same sentence; it’s explaining who luke is the straight man to.

TL;DR: it’s nothing to do with his sexuality!!! please fully research something and understand what is being said before you get angry, ignorance really doesn’t help anyone.

did you know that singing isn’t just about how high you can go?

there is so so much more to singing than just hitting notes at the higher end of the scales. breath control. diction. vibrato. dynamics. tone. runs. what about the lower register? and most importantly, in my own opinion, can your voice convey emotion? can you feel what you are singing and let it come through in your sound?

im tired of talented artists being torn down just because they “can’t hit high notes”. im tired of the message it sends for anyone with a similar voice. my heart aches for everyone who dreams of being a singer but feels like they will never be successful/popular because they can’t hit high notes. i know these people exist because i am one of them.